world of wonder

We continue to bounce back and forth between Spring & Winter. I am trying to stay inspired with daily hikes, regardless which season shows up.

Dreaming, reminiscing and sorting thoughts. In other words, fueling my tank of wonder.

color contrast caught my eye

one lone highlighted leaf 

hanging around for days, even through high winds

all things nature found it's way stuffed into this hole

cactus cove

The area above is covered in cacti. Not so hidden. I transplanted surplus daffodils from my old house here last Spring (typically done in Fall) as somewhat of an experiment. I know, I know...daffodils are not native. As you may recall, I am was huge into gardening and over 20 plus years have amassed millions of bulbs and perennials that either needed to be relocated or discarded. I do not do well with the latter. I want my usable stuff to live on and serve another purpose. I gave bags & bags of plants away. SO experimental naturalized plantings in less than ideal soil it is. It was a never ending project that kept me busy during earlier months of covid. Many areas on our property will be "kept wild" and (hopefully) the prairie area will be dedicated to native plants.  


artist nook

The above area is where I aspire to sit and be creative. Someday. When we first bought the property and walked it, I told Brad if he was ever looking for me he could find me here. Lousy phone photo of a sweet spot. Doesn't show how it feels, will have to try with my good camera in better light. This special area is open, yet hidden. It has a soft bed of pine needles for a carpet, among some of our larger pines that tower above providing shelter and vibes. The tan area past the tree's is the lower pasture. If the horses come down by the fence I can see/hear them :)


Have you ever noticed when deer tracks melt in the snow, they form hearts?

a heart in the making

Walking along the paths, I think about how much the horses will enjoy them. Once the arena is up, and the stumps from cleared paths get yanked, and we connect more of them and I lose some weight, and, and, and...I know it will all happen. Eventually. Much is waiting on Brad. I am not up to taking the horses in the woods alone. Maybe some day. I started venturing on my own back at the "family farm" and then we moved the horses, accidents happened etc.

For now, I work on the things I can. Like me. Changes don't happen on their own, you have to facilitate them.

More wandering and wondering about our little slice of heaven:

bright green stuff growing 

The tree below is on the Y path. I posted about the tree years ago when I used it for orientating myself in the early days. I was going to engrave it with the year we bought the land (2016) or our initials or ?? but decided not to deface the tree. I still smile and think about it every time I walk past. I gave up looking for that old post to link back to, but came across posts from 2016 with cactus & wild flowers, mushrooms and even a post that included a skull find!

Guess I've been posting about our land and all that occupies it ever since we have had the honor of being it's caretakers.

knotty heart shaped tree

I can (almost) see a prairie in the distance

One of my favorite things to discover in our woods are highlighted tree stumps with moss growing on them. The light was nothing special the day I took these phone pics, but in a sea of brown shade the stumps still glow.

a little guy

the tree with the huge woodpecker holes
has new holes made lower down, again knee high.
Must be common.

another beautiful stump in the woods

Our pines were logged right before we bought the land.
 They left a mess for us to pick up, and some beautiful stumps.

I walked over this tiny bright white feather
and went back for a quick pic

I wonder which birdee lost it?

Imagine my surprise to find early crocus blooming
in one of only a few garden beds

Many beautiful things revealed themselves on this wonder-ful weekend!! Hope to process photos of the horses soon, and that some of my winged photos turned out too. Until then, be well my friends!


Val Ewing said...

I love how you found all the beautiful little things on your walk! Mosses are so cheery when lit up by the spring sun.

That is what I was out exploring on Sunday morning!
Love the trees and the tour, thank you.

Shirley said...

There's beauty everywhere for those who care to look!
"Changes don't happen on their own, you have to facilitate them." Love that! Changing oneself is more difficult than changing anything/one else.
That last photo really made me smile- it's only the second new flowers photo I have seen, the other one being on 4R Ranch blog- daffodils! I am so ready for flowers.

Linda said...

Wow! You brought back so much beauty from your hikes!! What magical woods you caretake. And hiking, despite the weather, is a must. You can only benefit and grow strong from it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

You’ve found such lovely things on your walk. I’m sure you’re also getting in great shape!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yeah for a Crocus!! You have Spring! We still have a little snow in the woods but soon it will be gone:)

aurora said...

Aww, thanks friends!! Here I was thinking ya'll must be getting sick of my walks and phone photo finds. They are a big part of my headspace and life these days, love sharing them with you!

Val Ewing said...

Aurora, I never tire of going on walks with you! Your area is beautiful and different. Walking like you do is the only way of getting the cobwebs and other messy things out of my head for a while!

aurora said...

Thank you Val!! I look forward to the day we can share a walk together, although between our observations we might not get very far - ha haa!