getting our fill ~ build-an-arena

Warm weather has our indoor arena build coming along. Brad mentioned if this weather holds up, we could potentially be riding in it by the end of March. Ummm, this is March ~ EEK!! I can't even imagine...we still have a long, long way to go but I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting excited! I am also feeling better about the exorbitant expense we are undertaking. As Winter days pass (now with ice) comes the realization of how invaluable an indoor will be.

The last (?) few loads of fill arrived yesterday and they drove through a muddy mess. No doubt they are used to it. The temp "road" that goes through one of our hay field is shredded. Sigh. Oh well, they have to get to the arena somehow. I think we will all be glad when the hauling is over. We are up to somewhere around 60 loads of fill, will know exactly once we get the bill. Gulp. 

I opened the back of the barn to take a look at the progress, and our zoo set out to explore the soon to be arena.  You will notice there is one corner to be filled, far right. 

who let the dogs out?

 Leo walking the wall to join Remi & Brad

Brad is all smiles, he sure loves his cats

Tank, Jameson, Remi (in hole) and Leo

Purr decides to join Leo & Remi 

The three dogs & I did a muck-a-bout (vs walk-a-bout) around the outside of the arena after my guys pushed more fill around:

I was surprised to find the outside walls are partially backfilled

Tank testing out the truck ramp

a new view from Southeast corner

Compacting in between stages helps:

Brad putting in the steps

the dogs helping (mess up) compact

enjoying the hole while we have it

Tanks I want to stay and play face

Think the site looks pretty much the same? Just wait. Early next week building supplies start arriving and then the building will go up. Fast! Building alternates between going slow to fast, looking small to large, and many times the progress is all behind the scenes.


Linda said...

March finish!?! Woot! Woot! You're going to love it! Here, winter can return at any time, up to July. The spring winds can be brutal! Money well spent!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow it is looking good, yes with that size compacter he will get his steps in for sure! It is looking great and is fun to see the progress!

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's a lot of fill! It looks great and I'll bet it could be finished by the end of March. You'll be riding in there in no time.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this and it might not be something you want to do but we like it in ours. When the electricians come to do the lighting you might want them to install speakers around the arena up near the top of the walls and have it hook up to a cd/radio system for music while you're riding. We sometimes pop in a cd, it's fun, we don't do it all the time but it's a nice feature to add in the beginning...just in case.
We also have three cupolas with fans in them and they help with the heat. Just have to put chicken wire across the opening to keep the birds from nesting up there. That's it, tell Brad not to kill me for suggesting any of this extra stuff.

aurora said...

Linda: Winter in July? Yikes! I guess I remember that about CO also, especially in the mountains. I don't recall Winter ever making a return here past May. Especially the second half of May, if anything it is cool night temps not snow. At least snow doesn't stick around late Spring, or in your case Summer.

Connie, agreed watching buildings progress is the fun part of it. I think they use a larger compactor for finishing?

I laughed at your closing comment Arline, ha ha - and Brad will see it. You are safe tho! Our barn is wired for a sound system (Sonos, not currently installed) and we plan to do the same for the arena. We both love music and stream it elsewhere. Right now we use a wireless speaker in the barn, and that works for me - but Brad wants the arena wired. Riding indoors to music makes it way more fun! We decided our cupolas would be decorative, same as our barn. We are between two tree strips (late sun is filtered) and with insulation temps are more regulated. My understanding is the cupola vents can be opened (not sure about adding fans without pre-wiring, hmmmm...) if needed down the road. I love all your suggestions, keep them coming! You are very helpful!! One more thing that is all your fault too ;)) jk! We will be putting in a built in mounting block, yaay!!

Shirley said...

That's pretty exciting progress! Love how helpful your 4 legged crew is. Site inspectors!

aurora said...

Arline, Brad got a kick out of your comment and said he will be sending you a bill for all the additional suggestions. Should I tell him the check is already in the mail? ;)

aurora said...

Shirley, the arena site is definitely an attraction for our critters! They are so happy inspecting every inch.