here I am, unfolding

One would think after more then 4 months 'er 129 days - riding my horse would end with that horsey-high we all know and love. It didn't. It was rather anti-climatic. Not sure why, could be the way the first ride of the year unfolded?

I haltered & loaded Koda first. While walking out of the pasture in what feels like forever, it hit me. Our horses have not left the pasture since early November...

While hubby and my brother-in-law talked it up at the back of the trailer, I went on a mission. "Excuse me" "Pardon me" "Sorry, I've got a horse to load" Koda & I parted the sea of chatter, but it picked up right where it left off by the time I walked out of the trailer. I guess they didn't see the big brown horse walking an arms length in between them?

Ohhkay, guess I'll go get Nemo too. He was, after all nudging my arm while haltering Koda. Nemo all but put the halter on by himself. I love it when horses do this! Nemo & I walked up to the trailer where naughty pants was doing the occasional "kick the trailer wall game" while impatiently waiting. Maybe he was trying to see if that would get the guys attention? It didn't, and they say women are bad! I handed over the lead, and said "here, load your horse". Hubby did, and Nemo walked right in. Don't get me wrong, I could care less if the brothers spend all day standing around talking - but not right before a ride. A long awaited ride.

We got to our trainers, and it was unusually crazy busy. We waited. We watched. We finally unloaded. We played musical stalls. Poor Koda got stuck next to a screeching witch while we waited for a spot to tack up. Don't know what that horses problem is, but she's definitely got one. Doesn't like anybody or anything near her. Glad I don't have to listen to that day after day. It continued off & on with other unlucky neighbors. I got Koda outta there as soon as a spot opened long enough to tack up. In the midst of all this, another couple trailered in to share the arena with us.

Koda is so fluffy (me too!) I had trouble getting his saddle on right. Doesn't help that he is a "puffer". We ended up down two strap holes from the usual, and that was after warming up. Everybody but our trainer & Cierra were tacked up and riding by the time Koda & I started a warm up lunge. We went down to the scarey side of the arena, where the horse eating stored hay is kept & boogie monsters hide. Koda was a little wired. When machinery started up outside, he bucked & pulled - this time harder. The silly boy spooked himself after the lead line chain end somehow flipped up over his nose. Poor baby. He stopped so I could help him get outta that jam. We did a little more lunging, just so he knew things were okay. Our trainer saw Koda act out, and asked to ride him first. She hopped on, and that boy tried so hard for her. Even after 4 months of doing nothing he looked so good, especially when she rode him. In the truck on the way home, Brad mentioned the very same thing. 

Nemo & Brad went about their ride, as usual unfazed by all the commotion. They enjoyed their ride together and didn't look like they had missed a day. 

After all the rigamarole, I finally started riding. It wasn't what I had envisioned, but Koda listened well. It was a good ride. Maybe our three horses would get to ride together after all? I missed capturing all the cute moments. Like when our horses realized who each other was, with perked ears & wide eyes, and Koda nuzzling with his horse riding cat friend Belle. The two pictures I did take, were way out of focus. Bummer.

During all this, Cierra was golden. Such a good girl. She waited forever tacked up in the arena for our trainer to join us, while the interruptions continued. Some days just turn out busier then others. I never did work up to a lope. By the time things settled down and I felt we were ready, my fuzzy boy was too sweaty, itchy and looking to roll. He was done. Last one in, first one out. Oh well. We will ride together another time. 

I walked, brushed and cooled Koda down before heading back outside to the cold (er) trailer. When we went to load, he headed right back to the barn. Everyone busted out laughing. He didn't want to leave. It's no secret, Koda would rather live there. Sorry buddy. Someday I hope things unfold in our favor, and we have the best of both worlds.


where is waldo?

I don't know where Waldo is, but I've been hiding too. 

I had the best Valentines Day week ever playing in the snow in the beautiful north woods, snowmobiling with the love of my life. Good luck finding me there. We didn't sit still very long.

Happy Helmet Heads
(yes, it was snowing)
My job is plain ol' sucking the life out of me. At the end of last year I redesigned the org's website. I'm still working with a programmer doing a ridiculously arduous customization of a new CMS system (among zillion other responsibilities). Trust me when I say, you don't want to find me there. My family has been seen tip-toeing.

Holidays, birthdays, and family to-do's, with so many thing's, it's hard to snooze.

You won't find me at our trainers. I can count on one hand how many times we've seen Cierra since she has been at school. No worries, we have a solid relationship with our trainer. Cierra is doing great, still sweet as ever. Such a smart & willing girl to be ahead of the general training benchmark. Brad has not ridden her, that special day is yet to come.

We are having a real Wisconsin winter this year. With my new-ish winter sport passion, you might find me in the backwoods, or on the local trails that wind through beautiful private land, only publicly accessible by snowmobile. I only wish some of those trails would be open for horseback riding, the other three seasons. Why only three? Have you seen a horse around snowmobiles? I'll leave that for another post.

Don't think for a second that our horses are less-loved in the winter, they are just less ridden. My hubby takes care of them alone most days. You could find me there? I'll be taking care of them too. When I am home, in the dark, or on the weekends.

Pretty sure I covered the "not riding" and "winter weather" whine. There was no need to bore you further. I feel slightly better after talking with our trainer, guess it's not just me that doesn't ride over the winter months. Apparently it's not that unusual around here. Sadly, it's unlikely you would find me on horseback. Too many barriers.

We recently headed back to the Nicolet for a weekend trip, to close out the season. You could have found me at Cathedral Pines, soaking up the serenity.

Cathedral Pines in the Winter
I apologize if I caused any concern with my absence. I wonder about others when I don't see any posts for long stretches, just like sweet blogger friends from C-ing Spots Appaloosas & All Horse Stuff did. Great blogs & awesome horsewomen! You'll be able to find me soon. We have a planned indoor ride coming up. It will be one hundred and twenty nine days since my horse has been worked with, and I've been in a saddle. For some reason that number sounds slightly better then, over four monthsBut who's counting? Stay tuned & you'll find me. 


Sunday Stills ~ Potluck

frosty winter
frosty March winter

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