for the love of mats

Who knew mats could make a girl so happy? Not just any mats, but interlocking mats! 

Brad found the most amazing flooring for our stalls. Mats that fit like a glove. I was so surprised to find they are made in a neighboring town. Who knew? 

Last weekend it was out with the old and in with the new. Already. Didn't we just build our barn?? Actually we started building December of 2016, and the interior was done mid-2018. It has been a long time since viewing past progress, a good reminder of where we started.

We repurposed our old what I call cow mats, on the hay side of the barn. When the cow mats were in the stalls they shifted, edges and flooring became uneven. I tripped and rammed into the cow mats more times than I can count while picking stalls. Ugh!

Brad worked hard prepping and re-compacting all non concrete barn areas, including half of the hay storage side. Stall floors were raised a couple inches.

Our son helped with the stalls

We have had new mats installed for a week, and what a difference they make!! Chores are faster and easier. It seems like shavings are doing a better job of soaking, and urine doesn't spread as far. We may even be using less shavings? Our stalls are sooo much easier to clean!! Oh happy day!

Of course time will tell, but so far the interlocking mats are a very helpful improvement. Which makes this girl happy.