three of these things are not like the others ~ build-an-arena

Another week of our arena build has passed. Some days the builders worked all day, some partial days and one day they didn't work at all. I am sure they have their reasons for when and where they choose to work, while juggling multiple jobs, sharing key equipment and dealing with Mother Nature.

I walked past my window and took a few photos of the outside action from the deck:

colorful shirts working on the roof

two big truck lifts arrived to put on the roof

one truck lift on each side of the arena


three of these things are not like the others

There was some miscommunication about the weather vanes. When the sales guy asked me if I wanted the cupolas to look the same, I said yes. However, on the contract we signed I didn't notice the weather vanes were listed as "M"  (one damn letter!) my bad. So, they put M weather vanes up on the arena with the first letter of their company name. Ugh!! Who the hell wants mismatched weather vanes? Not me. They were nice about the whole thing, and we all agreed if that is the worse thing that goes wrong on this build we are golden. Needless to say, we have horse weather vanes ordered. 

we have a roof 

back of arena 

end of building day nine (16 sec)

Brad working on blocking for the fans

end of building day ten (15 sec)

back of arena 

outside walls are finished 

big ass fan motor
(we will have two arena fans)

fan blades (in the corner) are about 14' long

day 10 was all about insulation

The arena should stay warmer with insulated walls.

We hired a company to blow insulation into the ceiling, once it is up.

Purr loves the arena, and the extra insulation

arena with a roof at a distance

day 11 half the ceiling went up

It was a half day in more than one way.

The builders told Brad the sky track lift is not working
so he used this piece of equipment

See the pallet...I shared some words and left.
Didn't want to watch Brad misstep and land on the ground.

wall insulation is covered with plastic barrier

Thank goodness Brad went to get a man basket from work.
Much safer. Once in a while he listens to me.

The builders plan to finish putting the ceiling up on Monday, and then come back when the door and weather vanes come in to finish up. With walls and a roof, it actually feel like an arena!!


what is in your basket?

We are in a stretch of rainy/cloudy/cooler days. The kind that make me think, waaay too much. In the process of getting things ready for an ongoing project that I've been procrastinating about forever, my mind spiraIed down a rabbit hole. It happens all too often. 

I wanted to find my color pencil list that I created several years ago. I know it is on my computer, but there are no visual colors on that list. The hard copy lives in my pencil container (I've had them since collage) which lives in my basket.

Doesn't everyone have a basket with colored pencils in it?

When I looked, the list wasn't in the container. Hmm...and so begins the rabbit hole. I emptied my basket and found dust bunnies. No clue how they got under all my stuff, but they must have fallen out of the rabbit hole.

Now I have to vacuum.

My basket is special to me. Our friends gave it to us as a house warming gift (filled with helpful things) over 25 years ago. As I emptied it, 
I noticed it held a little bit of everything me. Wow, I couldn't believe how much my basket holds - and how many interests I have. This isn't even close to all of them!! I should have taken a photo before I emptied the basket, but I was too busy looking for my list.

In order to find my list, I have to sort all the things in my basket.

 my physical therapy shoulder & foot binder
at the very bottom was a little pilates book I had completely forgotten about

These were relocated downstairs.

a signed photography book from my night sky mentor
and a photo magazine worth saving

These were relocated downstairs.

I used to subscribe to a lot of magazines.
Real Simple is the only one I continue to subscribe to.
I still can't keep up with it!

Several are unopened, a couple saved, several started.

These went back in the basket. I am hopeless, not likely to change.

Several years ago I was active in a Ladies, Locked and Loaded group
that teaches safety in a supportive un-intimidating environment.
This magazine was a promo.
It collects dust, I've never actually read one.

Brad & I took a Conceal & Carry class in-person (key word) to get our permits.

Definitely not going back in basket. Note to self; cancel this.
Gun safe info was filed downstairs.

Some old horse magazines with key topics I want to re-read

Back in basket, can't deal with these right now.

Dog magazines to recycle
They come automatically with Tanks registration.

Leader of the Pack went back in basket, I want to revisit info

Stamping catalogs

Current one went back in basket
Others are under review. I likely saved them for a featured technique.

Review and recycle

Plant catalogs

Current ones went back in basket.


Catalogs & word search got recycled. Saved recipe went in drawer.
Costco magazine, back in basket to read (they have good recipes).

Book my sister gifted me

Used frequently, back in basket!

My one coloring book

Stays in basket, as well as my beloved ancient pencils

I adore mandalas and used to draw them in my youth

I don't color in the book often, but it is helpful when I can't sleep etc
Look, my list! I was using is as a page marker.

Back in my basket. Well, list went back in the pencil container.

What is in your basket?

Doesn't everyone have a reading basket plus,
everything and anything that has to do with their life?


moving forward with plans

Brad wanted to have Cierra bred in April, so she would have a March baby. He picked a month in between the halter foals born early in the year and foals born late Spring/early Summer. I remember Cierra's first Futurity horse show when she was so much smaller than the halter babies she was competing against. Not that it matters as she is not being bred for halter, but middle of the road suits us well. April is here, and we are moving forward with Brads plans.

Cierra was confirmed in productive heat a couple days ago by our vet. We find comfort in knowing he specializes in Artificial Insemination. Our clinic takes care of everything. They
 ordered the frozen semen, so it would arrive the day after Cierra was given a shot that makes her ovulate. Everything with AI is time sensitive. 

She was bred yesterday (April  8). I was not there, so I lack details to share. Brad was not there either, it is a long drive for a very short procedure. In 15 days our vet will recheck Cierra to confirm she is in foal, and make sure there are not twins. If there are, he pinches one off. If all goes well with her AI, she will come home!!


My last visit to see the girls was well over a week ago. It was obvious that Cierra was really missing Brad, following him wherever he went and asking for more attention. She even wanted (and got) some love from me. 

Brad & Cierra

Padame continues doing well at the trainers. They started turning her out in the round pen last week. On Brad's lesson days, the goal seems to be for them to continue figuring her out together. Recent lessons included giving Padame her first WI bath and working in hand with obstacles in the outdoor arena. Brad said Padame was really good with all of it, and he is too. 

 a brighter place to call home
sorry for the crappy, uneven phone pic)

His girls started being turned out together this week. Brad was updated that they get along perfectly! Yaay, Cierra and Padame for the win!! This makes me so happy to hear for them! It will be short lived, but should help for potential reunions.


counting crows

Not the band, the bird. I couldn't get this 9 sec video to load on my recent walk-a-bout post, but it finally works. Volume up!


I was getting scolded (and worried)

I have been attacked by a bird before. Not my idea of fun. It wasn't a Crow, it was a Red-wing Blackbird. I was biking on a path in the wide open, and it was protecting its nesting area out for blood. I know they signify Spring and people adore them, but I don't. They are mean, and relentless and the reason I no longer bike that path.

Songs have been written/sung about Red-winged Blackbirds, like this sad song by Kathy Mattea and this poem about someone else pedaling fast past them. Without being scarred for life.

Google says this about them:

"In animal symbolism, seeing a red-winged blackbird, a beautifully crafted song bird manifesting strength and agility when flying, means that you need to draw out from inner self that beautiful you. They also protect their mates and other birds by chasing away even larger predators. They do not fear"

I digress. Back to counting crows. Not sure what was going on the day of the video. I thought about bringing a tennis racket, or my handgun along next time I headed into the main trail pines. The crows sounded mad! Like I could actually hit an attacking bird even if I tried, ha!! I would be better off with a tennis racket, but who needs more things to carry. Not me. Any who, the following day I found these along the trail in the exact area of the video:



(not sure if from a crow, but near other feathers)



Technically, I am counting crow feathers. I sure as heck wasn't going to try and count the crows cackling above my head the day of the video. So, maybe there was something else going on - or more likely they were just molting. 

No crows scolding me today, so I went along my happy way. Last year I wedged a small red glass heart on our spooky trees, because I love them! Of course it has since disappeared, and now I feel like a litter bug. Which I am not. In fact, a few weeks back I picked up an entire garbage bag full of others trash (some likely blew off our old fashion garbage trucks) on both sides of our road that border our property. I earned my Girl Scout points that day :)) Somebody has to do it. 

I am going to bring my gardening claw thingee next time and scrounge around to see if I can find my lost heart. Hmm, the claw would be good for protection if needed. I found this growing in it's place:

 my love sprouted

We have a high of 77F predicted today. It was so nice and cool in the pines, but otherwise a hot walk hike. Note to self; get outside earlier!! Hope you are enjoying nice weather!

freshly fallen pine needles