it's a bird, it's a kite, its...

...a flying horse! 

"I'm suppose to fly over the poles, right?"

Cierra's first attempt at going over a pole was too funny! She thought she needed to jump up high to get over it, silly girl. Only took her once to figure out all she had to do was lift her feet, a little. Here are some better training photos from the same day.


Sunday Stills ~ Cats

My husband doesn't really like cats, but the rest of our family loves them. We compromised, and are a one cat family. We adopted Sydney from a rescue shelter as an older kitten, and he's crept into everyone's heart - even my husbands. He's very sweet, and spoiled. Sydney is full of fun personality, always in the middle of everything his family does...


excuse me, I was taking a nap on my couch

...I've been stalking him with the camera the past couple days, and not coming up with anything interesting, but put a bag on the floor and he can't resist crawling in. For some reason, he always insists on exiting through the handles...

are you happy now, I did something cute

...he's always trying to read the newspaper with you, and if you set it down - it's fair game...

claiming the paper

this is so exhausting

...but Sydney's favorite hands down thing is anything to do with water, preferably a shower...

obsessed water boy


all at the same time

I put my camera on auto, showed my non-camera guy how to use it and put my focus on Koda. This is what he found on the other side of the lens...

After realizing Koda wasn't going to move faster then a walk without a little more ask, I start picking up the lunge whip while doing the latest move, said to improve balance, break concentration and make you look silly - all at the same time...

the stork stance

well, I look like crap, but hey - my horse looks good moving out

changing directions, his other good side

...you know what they say, practice makes perfect...

doing the stork stance again, while dragging the whip -and- maneuvering a barrel

I really dislike getting in front of the camera, but I can't get mad at the guy holding it - after all I asked him to take our picture. I forgot to turn off rapid fire, let's just say he took advantage of it. I wanted to see what we look liked working together on the ground, mostly because I am lunge-challenged. He did a pretty good job, and found out the photo thing is fun. 

When you get on the other side of the lens, be prepared to get caught doing less then attractive things...like squinting in the sun while making a painful looking clicking sound, said to encourage movement, make you sound cool and look like your sucking a lemon - all at the same time...

my horse is still listening well, and more importantly having as much fun as I am

alternating between poles & barrel

...you might even get caught telling your horse what a good boy he is, said to melt your heart and make you smell really good, all at the same time...

I love you Koda

...and if all that wasn't enough, you might even get caught being admired by your fan club, said to make you feel popular and needed, all at the same time.

Is it supper time yet?


Sunday Stills ~ Bizarre

On my way to meet my local photography group for a nature shoot, I drove past something polar opposite. A light bulb went off, the metal sculptures I could see from the highway looked kinda bizarre to me. I've always wanted to stop, and take a closer look. I had no idea that I was about to enter into something beyond bizarre. I found an entire art park behind those roadside sculptures, with larger then life imaginary whimsical creations, built from pre-existing real things. I apologize in advance for submitting so many photos, but was captivated by the creativity, size, and downright bizarre things I found - and I didn't even walk the whole park. The facial expressions on the creatures, were wonderful - check out the Bird Band. 

Apparently, I stumbled upon one of America's Top Ten unique sites - who knew? Let's venture into an imaginary park, built from real things...where I was greeted by an enormous, imposing bug...

Juicer Bug

...I didn't hang around long to find out what this gigantic contraption zaps...

Overlord Control
...it receives information from the most famous sculpture on site, which teleports...

Forevertron, the worlds largest sculpture.
Includes a decontamination chamber from the Apollo space mission, and weighs
320 ton.

...you can watch all the action from waaaay up here...

birds eye view
...but the most intriguing things, were the creatures that were everywhere. Some were busy doing activities, and others were looking right at you...full of expression...

"what are you looking at?" said with hands on hips

hope this guy finds whatever he's looking for

golden wonder
giant golden wonder boy

cute crab, who had other underwater friends

...I couldn't believe my eyes, the best part was a 70 member strong Bird Band (no, I didn't count - I read it after my visit). It was surreal walking among these unique characters, many were taller then me with all different types of expressions...

The Bird Band was amazing

the Band Conductor, was large and in charge
this guy was around 20 ft tall, guarding the band

close up of a band member, who appeared to be having fun

...just me, surrounded by a bunch of weird sculptures...if any one of them started marching...

I ran into some weird multi-headed laughing creatures coming out of the woods
not getting in the way of this army

the sculptures had a lot to say

bug head?

this bird wasn't the only one with their head in the clouds

What do you think, are these bizarre??

I laughed out loud, when upon exiting I saw this sign....

Beyond Bizarre


sharing your human

Sharing your human is tough. Nemo doesn't particularly like it, but he is tolerating it fairly well. He stands at the fence, watching his human's every move with that "other horse". Waiting. He know's his human loves him, that he has to share, and his turn will come. Nemo get's restless, it's so hard for him to wait. While Brad is occupied, he frequently comes over to see if Koda will share me...he's a pretty good brother, and does.

what's so special about her anyway
Nemo likes Cierra, it's hard not to. She's one of those horses who doesn't give you much choice, and quickly wins you over. He would rather not share his human, unless of course the trailer shows up, then she can have him - but only for a little while.

I'm coming too
We've been mixing it up by working with our horses at the farm. Not just load and go (trail riding). Lately Nemo has been wanting me to groom him, which is unusual. It's never been one of his favorite things to do. Now I have to shoo him away until it's his turn. His beautiful multi color mane has finally grown out somewhat, yet remains on the short side. It really doesn't need brushing, but I do it anyways. I personally am enjoying getting closer to the big guy.

one unique soul


getting her ready

This winter we'll be sending Cierra to our trainers, to start under saddle. While my hubby is more then capable of training her himself, we prefer to give her the best education we can - and send her up to Iron Horse. It's hard for us to work the horses in the winter anyways. To prepare, Brad has been spending more time working with her in hand. Between the two of them, I'm not sure who is enjoying it more? It may be Cierra, she is more then ready to go to work. Lately she's been racing to be the first one to the gate, and leaving the boys in the dust - wow, she is so fast!

Brad has increased the frequency, and made the sessions a little longer. The two of them have taken walks away from the rest of us, we've been working with her on standing tied longer for grooming and trailering, continue working on giving to resistance...

...and recently increased what is being asked of her when lunging. Here they are doing the usual lunge...

spending time with Cierra

Last weekend Brad set up a single pole on one side of the arena, and a barrel on the other with enough room to pass between it and the railing. She wasn't sure how to maneuver the pole at first. She got walking over them, but when asked at a trot of course she jumped the pole. It didn't take long for her to realize she should trot over them, and jumping something 4" off the ground is overkill...

over the pole

after the pole

...they worked over to passing between the barrel and the railing, it was a no brainer...

close to the barrel

I must admit I wish my hubby would let me work with her more, but she is afterall his horse. Someday I hope to get/start another young one, but not until we have our own place. I love having a young horse as part of our family, and seeing them develop into good trustworthy horses. Until then, Koda continues to give me plenty of fun things to work on.

I have a short video to share, but Blogger won't load it. I'll post it later, if it let's me.

I like watching the bond between Brad & Cierra, and capturing it - or at least trying to. In another session, she was asked to move out for the first time. After some fast zooming around the human pole, she settled into a nice forward lope. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. Cierra also got her wolf teeth pulled this week. Brad make a make-shift stall in the walk in shelter for her to finish waking up, and the little turd untied the rope and got out on her own! We sure will miss this funny loving girl when she's at school, but until then it'll be fun watching her progress!


Sunday Stills ~ Summertime

Summertime means being outside. It's warm, sunny and colorful.  I love longer days enjoying things like trail riding, gardening, swimming, and taking time to relax. Whenever I can, I start my summertime days like this:

My Favorite Coffee Mug

...I take my hot coffee outside...

Relaxing by our pond
...and sit by our pond. Listening to the waterfall and the birds is sooo relaxing...it's one of my favorite places to be...

...something always catches my eye. I get up to take a closer look, and frequently run and grab my camera.  I wonder where that mushroom came from?...

Reblooming Bulb

...the morning light wakes everything up, and filters through, making the surroundings so pretty...I notice a red lily hiding...

Red lily
...the yellow lily catches my eye too. Looking through my lens, I now see someone else is enjoying it as well...
Yellow Lily & Dragonfly

...later in the day, the same lily looks different...

Yellow Lily
...I get lost in summertime reflections...

Pink Lily

 ...but my favorite thing about summertime, is spending more time with my horse. Summer coats get short, soft & shiny, and the warm sun mellows them out. Longer days, mean more time in the saddle and daylight hours spent loving them.



short & sweet

We explored another new trail today! This adventure was close-by, at a small county park just six miles from our house. Oddly enough, I can count on one hand how many times I've been there. 

It was an easy grassy ride, with mowed paths that weaved around the perimeter of this quaint park. Much of the 3.5 mile trail was open prairie, but also included mature wooded areas.

Sound like a trail with no challenges? Au contraire. The challenges weren't the terrain, they were the encounters. Paths are shared with hikers, and dogs. From what I observed, I would have to say it's a popular dog park. Almost everyone had at least one with them.

Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times, and I am happy they were. We passed a couple of the politest dog owners on the trail that I've ever encountered. We saw several more at a distance, happily enjoying the park with their dogs, while smiling at us. The two groups we passed moved off the path, and had their dogs sit while we walked past. I would have done the same, and thanked them as we exchanged a friendly hello.

Wanna know the funniest part of the ride? Koda had his walk on almost the entire time. He decided to be the leader today, we were on forward march. 

in the lead
Koda in the lead

Maybe it had something to do with earlier events? Lately, when the trailer shows up Nemo hides. He doesn't run away, but clearly hides. Last time we pulled in he literally hid behind a tree. After Brad walks over to halter him, he's all good.

Silly boy, you are WHITE - those scrawny trees aren't going to hide you!

Nemo would rather tend to his herd in the pasture, then go to work. Koda on the other hand wants to do things, and so does Cierra. She all but puts the halters on herself. Since Nemo was "hiding", we took her instead. Loaded her up with Koda, and drove around the corner to our place. Koda has been a SUPERSTAR about loading in the trailer, it no longer requires two people. I think he liked being the experienced one.

Cierra, meet fuel tank - better then, barking dogs (kennel on the right)

Back to the ride. The picnic area's, covered shelters, evil park benches, and polite dog owners we encountered were no big deal, but I wondered how they would do with the 18 hole frisbee course the park recently installed. Made me think....while frisbee (aka disc golf) golf sounds more fun to me then regular golf, frisbees and horses really don't mix. Especially not next to each other. 

There were several groups playing, tossing frisbees not far from us. Our boys kept an eye on them, and other then one of Koda's little scoots after the first group flung one, they took it all in stride. Whoda thunk to desensitize their horse from flying frisbees? Not me. Guess we best fling a few in the pasture if we intend on riding there again, and we do. Hubby really liked the trail, and I think our horses did too. Lot's to look at, and no hills. We were the only horse riders at the park, on a beautiful weekend. 

Koda enjoying an after ride grassy treat
(hitching posts & mounting area in background)

To be honest, it wasn't my favorite type of trail. I am more of a secluded woods girl, but you can't beat the proximity. It was a good ride. We rode for just under an hour, long enough for the boys to crack a sweat - while keeping it short & sweet!