random act of kindness

More often than not, one doesn't get to hear "the rest of the story" once Fair is over...here is link to a short heartwarming story about the "Random Act of Kindness" winner from the Midwest Horse Fair 2009 I don't know the winner, but she sounds very deserving - and Piper, what a special horse!! Random Act of Kindness Winner


covered in dirt

Apparently the boys decided to switch roles today. Nemo did great trailer loading (both sides) however Koda was out of sorts from the get go. He did fine, but wasn't his easy going self. He didn't like loading on the right side, or with Nemo on board/him loading while he's eating - or any other excuse he could find. We made it through, then had a little help adding a new experience to what has become our weekend trailer loading session's, a down pour. That was loud, so we didn't hang out in the trailer too long. Both boys got back on once it slowed down. I am still being reminded that someone else's horse did better loading this time - whatever, he's got alot of catching-up to do. We'll show-em up next time ;)

Tonight we gave them their first baths, it went pretty well. Koda was back to himself, and seemed to like it. He was really dirty, so I'm sure it felt good. We swear he was parading around afterwards, Colten said it's because he's a lady's man lol. Nemo on the other hand got back in the pasture and instantly looked for a dirt area - to roll - what a booger! I've never seen him roll, that's usually Koda. He wasn't very dirty before we gave him a bath, we just wanted him to have the experience, but he is now - he's completely covered in dirt!!


watching for changes

We had the farrier come out to trim last night. He was surprised how big the boys had grown. We see them daily, so it's not as noticeable to us. Looking back at pictures they really have grown, among other changes. The most noticeable being Nemo's face color progressively changing, it's whiting out (like his mom). I'll be watching for other changes as these great guys keep growing. Appy's sure are fun!!

Wondering if Jessie's ears were ringing last night ?
Bill (the farrier) mentioned your name more than once (all good of course) while he was at our place.


and then there was silence

Our trailer loading improved over the weekend. I led Koda right on first try, it was sweet. Nice to be the successful one for a change. We finally got Nemo to load and relax. Butt ropes on, Brad closed the doors, it got darker - and then there was silence....boy was that a weird feeling. No wonder horses find trailers so scarey. There we were, the three of us enclosed...thinking like a horse. None of us panicked, not even me ;) Of course I had an out if needed, they on the other hand had to trust that they would get one. Then I got the bright idea to try loading them on opposite sides, cuz it's good for them. Did you know one side of the trailer is completely different then the other - and where did that scary divider come from?! Switching sides turned out to be a bit of a struggle for Nemo - he bonked his head. He is just fine, but we felt bad. We ended with a full relaxed load. Mission accomplished. We'll work more on switching sides another time. Are your horses trailer side specific? After two mornings of trailer loading, I thought the boys deserved a break - so the four of us opted for an evening walk.



What is up with craigslist? Incase you don't frequent the Madison "farm and garden" section - some disgruntled fool has been auto-flagging all horse for sale ads...it's wrong - and craigslist sadly isn't making it right. Two wrongs don't make a right, so I rarely go there anymore. I asked them to look into it and suggested a separate equine section, but as you can see - they don't care enough to do anything about the auto-flagging, and - they are the only ones who can. One can only hope the horses that are looking for forever homes can find their person elsewhere...


getting better

My Mother's Day started with what every mom wants, time with her horses! We picked up where we left off on trailer loading, it went well. Both boys got on all the way several times, altho the hesitation is still there. They also took it upon themselves to work on their knot untieing skills while waiting for their turn, however they didn't budge.

Monday we walked them separately, and further. I missed going on Nemo's walk. After finally getting home from work, I found Koda not too hyped and waiting for Brad & Nemo to return. He was happy to see me and have some company, things just keep getting better! They did well being alone this time. It was nice being able to give them undivided attention for a change. Tonight is stormy, not much going on other than feeding and wet-horse hugs. I can't wait for the day when we can all ride and explore beautiful trails!!


ball intro

We purchased a giant ball at Midwest Horse Fair and introduced the boys to it tonight - it was fun! Koda had it on his back within seconds, and other than trying to eat it - figured out he could kick it and nose it along it's way, between trying to sneak grass. Playing ball is right up Koda's alley, and it showed - he was very proud to take the lead. Nemo on the other hand took things much slower. He did okay on his own and even better with Brad leading him in halter, to help him gain his confidence. He so wanted to join in the fun, and I know Nemo will - in time. Enjoy the photos, I added one of Nemo bowing to get grass - he likes to bow...silly boy. The more I get to know these guys, the more I love them.


distant thunder

It's stormy in southern WI tonight, but we went for a walk regardless during the distant thunder. Our son walked with us for the first time, and we took a slightly different route to give the boys new experiences. It's good to get them out of their pasture, stuff is always being moved around the farm - great for de-sensitizing. They did good, but think the walk is not complete without getting slimed by the durn cows (yuck). We also de-wormed the boys and quickly reseeded some of the pasture that got ripped up by machinery, before it started raining.

last night

Last night we clipped bridle paths. Both have had it done before, but not since we've owned them. Koda was perfect, Nemo took a little encouragement - but handled it well. We also did a little leading, and grooming. Koda was a good boy for me :) Was very surprised when Nemo bit Brad on the leg, out of the blue, while he was just leading him around - no warning. Not sure what that was all about, it was very out of character. I was in another area with Koda and didn't see it, but I sure heard Brad. Maybe a bug bite? Hopefully an isolated incident. Regardless, we all ended on a positive note.


quality time

Had a great day today, the weather was perfect - and - we spent a bunch of quality time with our boys! I couldn't believe it was 1:00pm when we got home from morning chores, needless to say we took our sweet time! We worked primarily on trailer loading, something we haven't worked on since we brought them home. We aren't in a hurry (obviously) so things went well. Koda got completely on several times and Nemo, well he stretched himself on several times lol. That horse can stretch like no other. We alternated them, tried them together, ropes behind 'em etc. and when they weren't working on trailer loading they were working on leading, listening and just plain 'ol being part of the family. They were so relaxed and loving the attention. One would think after all that time "working" they wouldn't want to do it anymore - not these guys, what a buncha sponges.

The boy that isn't into horses worked up their round pen so it could dry out, and then evened out their pasture. He had more fun then they did leading and trotting them around - complete with huge grin.


separation video

Here is a short video of the boys from last night, with audio from my son. I sliced-n-diced it and had fun playing with software I never get to use. Not sure why the video quality is so crappy on blogger?

We took them both for a longer walk tonight - on a path we hope to be riding on sooner than later, they did good. It was fun introducing them to the cows, wasn't so bad once they figured out they weren't going to eat them.




Tonight was interesting, after doing some of our usual chores Brad took each horse out for a walk individually...holy separation anxiety! Got to watch them run wicked fast while the other one was out for a stroll. The pictures/video I attempted to take doesn't do their energy justice. I'll have to try to find a way to edit the video before attempting to post. The pasture isn't that long, so both videos end with "camera ground blur" in an effort to not get run over lol. Not that I blame Koda and Nemo for acting like, well, horses they have not been apart since they were foals - just another thing to work on. Here are a couple pictures of Nemo in mid-flight, I didn't get any action shots of Koda.