still fuzzy and sweet

Padame seems to be settling into her new barn, slowly but surely. Ground training has given her young curious mind something to think on. It is also helping Padame connect with our trainer...

It occurred to me the other day that Cierra, Nemo and Koda were with us for years before they got dropped off for training. They were around the same age, but knew we were their people. Padame has no idea. She has gone through a lot of recent change. 60 days at a trainers, home for about as long and then a really long haul to us at a strange place. She seems to like people and 
may be wondering who to connect with, or when Vicki is going to show up. I don't think horses necessarily think like that, but I have no doubt they recognize those they have connected with. If only we could tell Padame, we are her new forever family. We can't tell her, except through actions. Which speak louder than words anyways.

ur goal is simple, to connect. Just by interacting and loving on her. Not really asking her to do much, other than mind her manners. She does and her sweetness hasn't changed since day one. There is something really special about this girl. I love her personality even more than her looks, which by the way is still a fuzzy wooly bear with billy goat chin hair.

Of course there are times when Padame will be asked to do much more, so i
n an effort to make things less confusing Brad is going up (today) to learn our trainer's lunging style and expectations. I was surprised, but do think it is in the best interest of the horse. Brad may not change much, but will know more of what is being asked. We did a lot of ground training for years with our other three at home. They had it much easier and only had to learn one set of expectations at a time. 

We really enjoyed our visit with the girls yesterday. I felt better about things in general. 
Brad brushed her while I worked on her mane and tail. Swoooon!! Where do I sign up for that grooming job?!! I noticed part of Padame's tail is still wavy. It could still be from braiding prior to sending her to us, but I am beginning to think the wave might be natural. 


no lunging today, just walking

most horses balk at the light peaking through the bottom of the door
(just ask Koda and especially Nemo)

hanging out with Brad at the end of the arena

our trainer wanted us to see the game Padame plays when she is loose


apparently she runs to the back of the arena
and comes flying to the gate ending with a deep sliding stop

She half heartedly ran back and forth a couple times but didn't want to play that running game. She was more interested in interacting with the people (there were four of us). Including me. It is really cute how interested Padame is when I talk to her. There will be plenty of other days to see her sliding stop.

Brad walks right up to her every single time to re-clip and she doesn't flinch.

this new guy is pretty nice

We opted to visit Cierra outside during her turn out time. She didn't want to come when we called her, which is rare. Can't blame her, she probably thought we were going to bring her in and had just gotten outside. 

smelling the new girl

I am hoping our girls will get turned out together soon, or at least in the side-by-side pastures. Of course we have to defer to our trainer, it is after all her property and they are under her care. Guessing she will want to keep Cierra separate and is worried about Padame breaking out. I am going to keep inquiring :)))

we miss you sweet girl



Linda said...

She's doing so well. I'm sure everyone who has handled her has loved her, and she sees humans as trustworthy. I also think horses feel when a human's level of interest in them is heightened, and they grow into that. For example, my daughter's horse, Cowgirl. I am her main caregiver, but she is closer to my daughter. They sense our intent and intentions.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Not much for snow there, sounds like you had a fun day!

Shirley said...

Such a lovely mare and sounds like her personality matches her looks. Interesting how much you are connecting with her.

Grey Horse Matters said...

She's a beauty and has a very sweet personality. I'm sure with the warmer weather coming you guys will get to see her more often and bond with her. Love her mane and tail too!

Val Ewing said...

She is a beauty! Hands down the prettiest golden color.
With all the changes she has recently had, I'd say she must have a wonderful disposition and eagerness to please.

Connections are so important ... just my opinion and it appears that this is happening!

aurora said...

I am perhaps the most surprised how much I am drawn to Brad's new girl, especially when I was determined not to be. Of course that was before I met her. I think it is because she appears to be drawn to me. I absolutely know that will change throughout the endless years of training that showing at AQHA level requires. Something I am not part of, by choice. We do not allow our horses personalities to be shut down. Our trainer is really good about that, she is first and foremost an animal lover. I have seen her try to right many wrongs for a horses sake, and turn needed business down because of it. She knows what our horses mean to us. Even when in training, they live more than a show life that includes outside turnout, trail riding etc.

Will be interesting see what transpires. Poor Brad, I already forewarned him yesterday that I will be a thorn in his side to bring Padame home at intervals that make sense. He probably wishes I cared a little less about his new horse, ha haa!