connecting paths

Saturday we focused on clearing trail paths. On the west end of the pine woods there is a narrow pre-existing path, likely made by deer. Animals are smart, taking the path of least resistance. We decided that was the best place to begin connecting paths. It would need to be cleared and made wider for horses to get through. My job started out pretty easy, and fun - I got to explore & mark the path!!

There were too many trees in the way to mark them all, instead I marked the general direction. The path had various inlets and offshoots, at times it was confusing. While I was trying to orient myself, I came upon a spooky tree area. There was a grouping of trees that were tall, all had two or three trunks, and had dagger like branches running allll the way up from the forest floor. They had clearly been untouched. I tried not to let my imagination run off with me!

I finally found the corner of our property, just past where the spooky tree area starts to clear...

...and retraced my steps to figure out the best way to make it around them. I stumbled across this, eww! 

Brad said it was likely a possum or raccoon. Do you see the green plant pictured with it? Some sources say it's poison ivy, others not. Whatever it is, it's growing a little too well. I came across more tiny little flowers. Some weeds can be pretty.

With the first section of path marked, I went back to help Brad - by hauling trees. A not so fun part of my job, especially when getting clotheslined by catching on the remaining trees. The further he cut the path, the further we had to drag. It was exhausting!! I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately. I am finding muscles I didn't know I had. 

Funny son, he "wondered" why we were sucking wind while he was working on cleaning up a different path in an air conditioned bobcat! We never did finish the path, but guess what - the work will still be there when we return. Before we headed home, Brad cut an old fallen tree and placed the logs as obstacles. They are much bigger in person. I can't wait to try them out!! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I agree some weeds do have pretty flowers so I say let them be and consider them natures way of brightening things up. I like your obstacle course, looks like it will be fun. You've done lots of work already, you're making fast progress in my book. Hope you get to take a good soak in a hot tub when you get home at night for sore muscles. Just think what great shape you'll be in by the time this is all finished! P.S. I'd take the bobcat job next time around...just saying.

Shirley said...

Every sweaty day means one day of lovely trail riding!

C-ingspots said...

Oh Aurora, I'm so happy for you and your family! Honest to goodness (sweat-producing) work gives such a sense of accomplishment. Like no other. You'll likely tire of it long before the tasks are finished, but it's your life's work. Making a home for your family...all of you, two legs and four legs. :) Those yellow flowers look like Buttercups. I love those trees you think are spooky. Bet they could tell you stories if they could talk. Oh, and a bonus of physical work? You can cancel that gym membership! Ha!!

Val Ewing said...

I'm sure you figured out that plant was Virginia Creeper by now.
Nice find on the skull. ") If it is flatish...it is possum, if it has a nice roundish skull it is raccoon.
Beautiful land!