hay, hay, hay

It was a great afternoon to toss hay bales! According to my hubby I am sick in the head because I actually enjoy it. To me its an outside workout, time with my family, doing something for our horses - whats not to like?

Unfortunately, the pasture we rent got tore up bad when they put in the giant power line poles along the highway. We have no say over when things get returned to "normal"...we cleaned up and reseeded the pasture once, since we don't own it - we'll just buy supplement hay. I dream of owning our own horse place...someday, until then it's a good thing I like tossing bales!


someone has a crush

Got up at the crack of dawn to take our daughter & Harmony to their first show of the season, they did good. Not too big of a turn-out, 4 - 8 in her classes. Nice show to start off the season. It was great to see Harmony again! That girl has gotten even more muscle on her, the pictures don't show it. Now I can plainly see why our western saddle doesn't fit her anymore...it's always something isn't it? Needless to say, Ali didn't ride Harmony western. Snapped a few pics of one of her english classes, and a short video.

The morning was so rushed, it felt good to take our time with Koda & Nemo in the evening. They keep progressing slowly but surely. It was pretty funny when the resident pony snuck into the round-pen with Brad & Nemo - at least from where I was standing.
She doesn't live with our boys, but pastures with them in the afternoon.
Glad she listened to me and got out right away, she's hard to catch if you don't get her the first time. She took off and did laps around the outside of the round-pen, through the woods & pasture like a total nut case!! It was pretty obvious she has a crush of some kind on Nemo. He on the other hand could have cared less, it was his turn with his human. Ended the evening taking a calming hike with the boys, when we returned to the pasture the pony was put away in her paddock. We had a good horse-filled weekend, despite the cold crappy weather.


eight eyes

Koda & Nemo are sharing their home with eight more eyes...a mama cat and her three kittens. They live between the side boards of their walk in shelter. Odd place for a cat to choose to raise a litter. Our horses worked skillfully trying to fill that area up with their land mines over the winter, however they missed a lot. Must have been working on padding for them. It's pretty dry now, and quiet - the important part is no one can reach them. Smart cat considering the resident dogs & kids that would love to have at 'em.