getting real ~ build-an-arena

Can you build your arena early? Sure, we will get things ready. There is an opening in builders schedule. Great. Is the foundation done yet? Hurry up. Check the site. Wait. Check the site. Wait longer. Another person checks the site. Building might start at the end of the week. Check the site. We are on hold. More people check the site. Sorry, still working on another project. Drop off materials. So, next week? Check the site. Maybe, the week after the next week? Problems with other project, we are starting on your arena tomorrow. Yaaay!!  Work on the arena begins. Ohhhh, the joyful ebb and flow of building!

Nothing moving back here but a little deer

We got two more loads of fill delivered last week. Apparently 1299 ton wasn't enough. Over the weekend, Brad spread and leveled them and also removed a couple more trees for better access. One of the oaks came out easily with nice roots, so he transplanted it. It will most likely not make it, but it doesn't hurt to try. 

Leo approved

The first day couple hours the builders were here was pretty anti-climatic. Maybe that was part of the plan, it was rainy off/on. 

building site at the end of a short first day

When I saw this, I knew shit was about to get real

unpacked building supplies

our windows

two looong side walls are built in sections, ready to go up

side wall rectangle windows are framed

We will have 5 windows on one long side of the arena & 4 on the other (because of service door) up about 9' high. We hope it will help brighten our arena, along with an enclosed ceiling and LED lights.

Exact placement of the south wall windows we added after the fact is TBD. I have some concern with the potential horse kick and/or a human hitting one. We better decide quick, maybe with grates or ?? 

my building trade guy

Brad measures everything as he explains window sizes and placement. I am used to it, but still find it funny. I just smile and nod. He is so excited about the arena (me too)!!

Very funny.

I am frequently saying "get out of my shot" and THIS is what I get!!
I told Brad I was absolutely posting this photo.

See what I have to put up with!!

end of day two

plans for day three include ripping the overhang off the back of the barn
(so they can attached the arena) and standing the side walls up

I am going to try to catch them in action with my good camera!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Building is always an adventure. But you're getting there. Love the "cheesecake" shot of Brad. You do have to put up with some funny stuff!

Shirley said...

Yay progress!
Good thing it wasn't Ted in that shot, I guarantee he would have given you a "full moon!"

Far Side of Fifty said...

Making progress! It will go fast! :)

Val Ewing said...

OHhhh! Love the shot of Brad. I adore it when the guys like to ham it up.
Portapotty. Very seriously important.
It is looking great!