hurry up and wait ~ build-an-arena

Last week was all about the arena materials. Brad took the day off work to help delivery go smoother. I wonder what they usually do when they don't have a Brad to confirm directions, smooth out muddy temporary roads and gravel approaches, and re-re-reassure the truck drivers they won't get stuck. I guess they just line up on the road until someone figures things out.

Brad sent me a couple pics of the delivery trucks:

The arena build came to a stand still shortly after materials arrived. The schedule has been pushed back a week. Building is always a game of hurry up and wait. They are tentatively starting the structure next week, but who knows.

Our inspection crew has been busy investigating all things arena:

a small amount of fill remains

To date they have hauled 62 dump truck loads, that is 1299 ton of fill!!

arena material on one side of the field

  more building material on the other side

drains are installed and covered

huge bundles of insulation

long boards for the lower interior

arena to date



Far Side of Fifty said...

Well it looks like you are ready to build!! That will be exciting!

Val Ewing said...

One started I imagine it will go up pretty fast right?
That is a lot of 'stuff' to organize!
Pretty exciting!

aurora said...

Yes, once they actually start building the structure it does goes up fast.

Shirley said...

Well it has shape now! And just like all things in spring, the promise of a sprout turning into a thing of full blown awesomeness!

Grey Horse Matters said...

You’re really making progress. It will go fast now!