sunday stills ~ framed

I had grand plans for this weeks theme, framed. It was Tank's birthday week, he turned three. It would be fun to do a photoshoot with the empty clearanced frame I bought specifically for portraits years ago. Before I discovered I didn't want to be a portrait photographer.

My plans went to hell in a hand basket when I couldn't get my remote trigger app on my phone to connect to my camera. It worked last time I took a photo with myself and the dogs. Without a remote or a second helper, the action photoshoot I planned was a bust. Plan B went like this:

Lie down. STAY. run run run. I think I am back far enough? Turn around to shoot, Tank pops up to a sit annnd Remi had turned around.

Sit. STAY. I mean STAY! run run run, further. Turn around to shoot, both Labs come running.

The Diva is framed.

Ugh! STAY. I MEAN STAY (hand cue hand cue)!! run run run. Turn around to shoot, both Labs come running. 

You are ALL suppose to be BEHIND the frame!

I'll try treats.

STAY. I REALLY MEAN STAY (hand cue hand cue, and hand cue)!! 
STAY. run run run. Turn around to shoot. I've lost the young ones attention. All dogs come running.

Remi is still framed.

ONE more time...STAY! run run run. Turn around to shoot, annnd give up.

Dogs enjoy treats for their efforts.

Tank and granddogs Jameson & Remi


seasonally creative

There is something about the holidays that makes me want to create my own things. Special and unique to me. The gawdy cheap looking overpriced decorations flying off the store shelves only fuel my desire.

To slow down, and find meaning.

My frenzy holi-daze are long over. I was surrounded by it and got caught up big time!! 
The boxes of unpacked junk decorations prove that. I've been freeing myself from excess meaningless baggage for years. Holiday and otherwise. I've got a long way to go. My cleansing is a work in progress.

Who has the most lights on their house? Who has their tree decorated first? Who can...the most...the soonest...the bestest...and what does that mean now? One word, nothing.

I have felt this seasonal creative yearning for as long as I can remember. As time passes, the holidays have become the only time of year I make stuff by hand. Birthday cards would be the exception. I do enjoy creating the occasional card with an intended individual in mind. However, I rarely make birthday cards anymore. 

Thinking back, I've always gotten my craftiness on during the holidays. Every year we made ornaments. My mom started that tradition. She was a master seamstress and also helped me sew the hard parts of the matchy-matchy holiday dresses made several years in a row for my young girls. I can't make good button holes or sew a decent zipper to save my soul. I dislike sewing, but that is another story.

I made gingerbread houses several years with my girls from scratch. We kept one and gifted the other to someone who needed an uplifting visit. There were other annual handmade goodies (ex. cookies) but these are the treasured crafty ones that stand out.

Our third kid came along and more involved hand made things became a thing of the past. Times were a'changing at a fast pace. 

Now, it is me myself and I getting my holiday creative on
Not that what I make is that creative, it is more like working things together, the way I like them.

This is the first year I made an arrangement for the Saloon. I used our family tree topper. It hasn't served a purpose for too many years. We no longer do the family tree cutting thing.

I miss having a real tree.

Saloon window arrangement

Horse tree topper in my mom's sympathy flower container, with bale twine as filler. The berries are votive candle decor gifted from a hockey friend, sooo long ago. Accents are pine cones from our woods, and one of my jewelry craft stones dangling.

Additional window decor by Tinkerbell

Both female cats insisted on "helping" me decorate. Pretty sure the attraction was the in floor heat, not me. It is very peaceful in the Saloon and their kitty antics kept me smiling! I love hanging out in the Saloon and was in good company. 



I gathered branches that had fallen off the pines and used them on my next project. Decorating two old sleds I've been saving for a looong long time. One is Brad's childhood sled and the other is our kids old broken Radio Flyer.

Originally I had planned on painting a scene on Brad's old sled, but decided it is perfect the way it is. I might eventually oil/stain the sleds. I decorated one of Harmony's old shoes as the focal point. Don't look too close at the wire wrapping, let's just say I learned a few things.

I dressed the pine branches up with some old greenery picks I had, and added pine cones. This sled was suppose to go in the barn, but I put it by our front door.

The second sled was much easier. I used the strategically placed jingle balls that used to hang from our roping dummy at our previous home. No one found it funny but me, so I repurposed them. The sled is dressed up similar to the other.

I've never decorated sleds before. It was fun, but I really need to do a better job of securing decorations. Can you say duct tape and twist ties? The pine cones are just wedged in there. It will be a miracle if everything stays intact. I was going to hot glue the pine cones, but they are staying put for now. I found my pipe cleaners after the fact. 

These couple projects are just the start of things to come. Or not. I just might stop creating & decorating for the year. Less is more. I was really hyped up to immerse myself in meaningful decorating in November, but that feeling is quickly fading.

I need something to keep my mind busy...

For now, I think I'll just go for another walk.


closing out november ~ 2 of 2

If you missed it, the first half of my November in photos looked like this. The second half is more or less the same, with nature filled days.

The second half started with shorter walks closer to the buildings during opening deer hunting weekend. After that, we (the dogs & I ) went back to our usual hike wearing orange and using caution. There is only one side of our land with any potential hunters that could be of concern. The lower pasture is closed off all hunting days, just incase. The horses stand at the gate and wonder why. We saw zero hunters on surrounding property, and only heard a few shots this year way off in the distance. Better safe than sorry.

Brad cleaned up and leveled out the back of the arena!

It will stay this way until Spring.

these cool weather loving fungi keep catching my eye

it gets dark so early, we started riding inside

My halter was out of reach. Hooks are on the to-do list.
I asked Brad to hold Koda, and he decided to take him for a spin.

The look on Koda's face lol "what the he..."

woodland creatures hidey-holes are more visable

some of our Burr oak leaves are huge!!

Leaf starts where my jacket cuff ends, about 7.5" to tip of fingers

I transplanted even more daffodil bulbs from our previous home
Ugggh!!! I got one more bucket in the ground.

My second year of transplanting Spring & Fall.
I want to be done!

This old body can't handle high volume.
There are still hundreds of leftover smaller bulbs...sigh.
I might try one last time in the Spring, if they overwinter.

more cluster loving fungi, everywhere

Purr is very attached to her barn

bright yellow saucers
(and some pink stuff lower right)

click to enlarge & see the funky stuff

our son had to fetch and tow a very pokey Harmony

Nemo followed him all the way out, and escorted them back

Jameson & Tank

I ran out of the barn to catch this incredible fleeting late Fall light.
It makes the tree tops glow = love!!

the horses came in underneath this amazing Western sky

one last November walk

"Ugh, Tank. Not another branch!!"

Tank picks up every single fallen branch.
It is problematic. He wants to give them to you, in hopes of playing fetch.

Have you ever tried fetch with a branch?
I said no.

He got in trouble when the fork on this one ended up stabbing my leg and breaking off. The branch, not my leg.

His solution? Find a shorter one. And he did.

I cannot get over natures compositions!!
I never alter them.

Maybe I'm weird, don't answer that ;)
I find the way nature combines elements together so fascinating!

another perfectly placed pinecone

That's a November wrap folks!

I have been happily working on getting my creative on,
with various simple projects.

I will share those separately. I don't want you to get scroll finger ;) 


closing out november ~ 1 of 2

It has been a month. Full of ups and downs. Mostly ups, I focus on those.

I love November! When I was a kid it meant the start of Winter, and we had SNOW. Lot's of snow. I love snow! These days, November is a rollercoaster transitional month. It prepares us for what is yet to come. It is a bit of a tease. We have a high of 53F predicted this week. By then it will be December. I find it odd, but you can bet I will thoroughly enjoy the warmer weather!!

Some years November brings flurries, other years it brings: 

my "mountains" in the distance highlighted in amber

you want to start wearing a hat


natures compositions become less vibrant

Leo says the colors are still here
just different shades

wood needs to be split and stacked

clouds turn into powder puffs that almost touch the treetops
(back of the arena)

some of our oaks turned a beautiful shade of red
first time since 2016

I marked some of the smaller red oaks
for saving/relocating

I look forward to working on the paths and tree lines, some day

warm air meets cool ground, producing beautiful morning fog

overnight some type of tree in our woods drops all it's green leaves
(might be a Hackberry?)

horses coming in
(Cierra, Koda, Nemo & Harmony)

November produces amazing colorful skies

crescent moon and one of the planets

Leo hoping I will pick him up on one of our many walks

Remi needs breaks too

Apparently Cierra drew the short straw

Koda, Cierra, Harmony and Nemo, all facing different directions

walked past the window 2 minutes later, the herd was snoozing closer

my Golden Nugget turned a fluorescent salmon color

I hope it makes it through the Winter!!

stumps glow in the sunlight

gardening season is over
I am ready for a break

love the sound of crunching leaves

Tank waiting with his ball

the season of many branches

sooo many long branches

tiny things continue growing in the woods

Too many November photo's, so I split my post into two.
Second half to come.

Thanks for scrolling along! Enjoy the last day of November.
Make it a good one!!