the inside of the outside

We enjoyed one ride inside last weekend, without freezing! One is better then none. Koda listened and tried, good enough for me. By the time Cierra joined us, I had already decided we were done riding.

Koda & I headed outside by ourselves to find a balmy 20F, sunny day. I almost forgot what balmy felt like! Of course I was still wearing a winter coat, gloves and head band. It is still February.

We meandered to the far pasture, where our boys are temporarily being turned out. They flip flopped pastures for a few days with a couple of the oldies who know enough to not chase the spreader. Our boys always did like to interact with us when we brought equipment into the pasture at home, how I miss those days...

It was sooo peaceful in the sunny pasture. I decided to hang around the feeder with Koda. At first he wondered what I was up to, then settled into our old habits. Him grazing, me bothering him. If only I had brought my camera! It's been collecting dust vs going through the PITA freezing/thaw-bag on/bag off cycle. Oh well. I'm a firm believer of shooting with the camera you've got, so out came the iphone!

Surrounded by the soft methodical sound of munching, I let my head rest on Koda's big strong back, warmed by the sun. I couldn't help but notice his adorable soft-n-fuzzy ears...

...or how nicely his thick mane drapes over his neck, still smelling minty good from being brushed...

...but my favorite Koda part, is his eyes. So expressive, a mirror to his soul...

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”  ~ Winston S. Churchill



Our February Trail Challenge has been postponed. It was sure to be filled with hearts, laughter, and maybe even a cupids arrow of some kind? They always come up with something fun. Rescheduling was probably a good thing for us. We haven't ridden in well over a week, due mostly to the bitter cold. Yesterday I woke to -6.7F (wind chill was much colder). All this winter going on, and we still have no snow to play in at home. Boo hoo!!

We did go visit our horses during this arctic blast, helped move hay & worked on the arena. Our horses rarely get handed treats, but occasionally we bring them something fresh. Cierra wasn't too thrilled with the apple slices, apparently she is more of a carrot girl. Koda & Nemo on the other hand couldn't get enough of the gala apples.

The challenge is tentatively reschedule for the last weekend in February, if Mother Nature cooperates. If she doesn't, a month gets tacked on in the spring. Warmer month challenges are held outside in a huge reining style arena...I can only imagine *^*

It will feel good to get back in the saddle again. I'm curious what kind of a horse I'll find after this unplanned break. Koda does much better with regular riding, as most do. Regardless, I can't wait to get back to a riding routine - hopefully in tolerable weather!!

Cierra & Koda
August 2014


roller coaster riding

Peaks and valleys, wonderful straight smooth stretches, and bumps. Lotsa bumps. Let's not forget the turns. The ones you can almost see while approaching, but not quite. Until you are actually turning. What follows could be a welcomed sight, or the ride could start all over again. On a different path. Some paths are more challenging then the last, or shorter and get over quickly. But most of the challenges, feel like they will never end. It's then that I've wanted to get off the ride, but a person can't just get off anywhere.

Koda (Fall 2014)

Koda continues to have a knack for providing endless challenges. After the anguish of trying to figure out why everything feels like it's falling apart, once again, he reaches over and gently rests his head on my shoulder. Giving me a sweet-sweet horsey hug...sigh...not revealing any answers, but instead hope. Perhaps he knows I'm trying. All I know is, it's worth the ride. Peaks, valleys and bumps included.