captured moments

Cierra's a ham, and my husbands a good sport letting me take (and post) pictures of him. After I snapped the first photo, he realized I captured them being silly and told Cierra "she wasn't suppose to see that" ohhh but I did, and captured the moment!


Isn't she getting big? She's 9.5 months old already.


Sunday Stills ~ tv shows or movies

The challenge this week was to simply put on your favorite tv show or movie and photograph the show and we can all guess whats on. I wondered if I should try to be tricky, or just capture a character? I won't be guessing much, as I am not a tv (or movie) person. I can think of a gillion things I would rather do then watch tv. However most of my family is, so when eating casually in the family room the tv is on. One show in particular has been on a lot lately, and we've all become fond of this unique colorful character...






Another night this show happened to be on, it's quite unsettling.


Once and a while when I was shooting the tv, I would get some wild colors. I didn't change my settings, and there are no effects/colors added to the photos below. Any idea why? These are also from the second show.



Do you know either of the shows I featured, without looking at the alt tags? I was hoping to also capture American Pickers & if it's a good one RFD TV Sunday am horse shows, but we missed RFD and my personal tv experts said Pickers isn't on until Sunday Night. I like the history in it. Maybe I can guess one of these on someone else's Sunday Stills!


happy day

We went to visit Koda & Nemo today, and much to our surprise, we rode! We didn't have our tack with us, so we borrowed theirs - except for our bridles which stay with our horses. Our short lunge warm up felt a bit awkward to me, but then again it usually does. Once my butt hit that saddle it was smooth sailing, literally.

The four of us (Nemo & Brad and Koda & I) walked & trotted around, and got reacquainted while mounted. November felt like such a long time ago. Patty said I looked really good. I didn't think I was doing anything special, just riding in pure contentment. Maybe I don't give myself enough credit, or she was just being nice. Regardless, it caught me by surprise. Patty was super excited for me to lope Koda, so I did. I wasn't sure what to expect, but he effortlessly moved forward for me like a big boy. He felt really different. Koda was more level, riding smoother, and just seemed more confident and willing in his movement in general. My boy is growing up. She was very proud of him, and how well he moved out for me. Me too. Koda was amazing, it was SO much fun!

Brad had a good ride on Nemo, he was also moving out well in the lope. I stopped riding so I could watch them, and learn. I tried so hard to see when Nemo's frame was right, but it all looked the same to me. It's been explained to me before, but not the way Patty did. She made four footprints in the sand. With her body, she showed/explained how when the movement comes from behind, the back foot lands where the front foot was, and the body engages (somewhat lowered) powered from behind. I could see that, even in her human body. Then she planted her foot midway, to illustrate the difference of where they were last year. We talked about how that causes them to land, and the shoulder action. Now I could see their body movement is completely different. We all agreed the change is more significant on Koda. Wish I could have watched us too.

Trainer Patty also mentioned how the flow of energy that comes from behind, should come through the body, and effortlessly continue out their head. But without flowing movement, it gets blocked by their shoulder and the energy goes down, creating choppy moves. Whew, I'll have to keep working on the frame and looking for movement thing.

I also learned how to start a spin. Nemo & Brad made it look easy, it wasn't. I hopped off Koda, and Patty got on to show me what Koda was suppose to be doing, as well as what I was suppose to be doing. He wasn't being very cooperative, even for Patty, and I had it all wrong. I was bending him (old habits die hard) and didn't put the "stopping the forward movement, and turn cue" together at the right time.  We tried again, this time with a soft arc, making a circle smaller and smaller, stopped the movement forward, cued, started to spin - and walked off. At least I got the "rollback" feeling a couple times, and we called it good. The boys are still learning to spin, me too. First time I've ever tried.

We untacked, and went in to the heated barn to warm up and talk about some up coming shows, and trail trips to look forward to. I could tell Patty didn't want us to leave, we really enjoy each others company, but it was time for us to go. She had other clients waiting for her. Funny part was, I brought a video camera, my good camera, and my pocket camera - all ready to capture Koda & Nemo in action - and didn't take a single picture. I am happy to say I was living it, instead of watching it through a lens. 

After making plans for our next visit with Patty, I came around the corner and found Brad petting Koda...awwe, I whipped out my pocket camera and at least got a couple stall pictures to share. It was a happy day!!

Koda, after our training ride.
Wishing Brad would keep petting him.

Nemo, after our training ride.
Not the best picture of him, but I didn't want to leave the big guy out.


little turd

On my way home tonight I saw Harmony & Cierra nosing around, and noticed Brad hadn't fed. He wasn't back from his work trip yet. I changed into some chore clothes, hustled down to take care of them, and sent him a text so he knew there was no need to hurry home.

I welcomed the opportunity to feed. The girls seemed happy to see me, but not as happy as I was to see them! I was bummed I had missed Harmony's farrier visit yesterday, and didn't get to see Cierra's feet get done either. Guess it went well. Not much horse happening's these days, so any interaction is welcomed. I know I haven't been down to see the girls for more then a few days, but swear Cierra had a growth spurt and got taller since I last saw her. I'll have to get a picture of her royal cuteness next time, when there is more light.

Both girls were good, and waited for me to put their pans down. After giving them their evening hay, I stuck around and fluffed up their bedding, just so I could spend a little more time with them. What do you think Ms. Cierra did? She ignored the hay and soaked up some love until I was ready to leave, and then made a special trip into the shed and decided the bedding was perfectly fluffed just for her, so she could do her business ~ little turd!


lack of posts

So, perhaps you've noticed a lack of horse related posts? If not, I've noticed for you. I haven't had much interaction, and I'm really missing my boy.  The girls are sweet and all, but it's not the same without Koda. I had grand visions of riding in an indoor arena, and trail riding through fluffy snow...always a dreamer. Hopefully the weather will cooperate on the few upcoming days we can make the trip to visit the boys, and the long awaited rides will eventually come. I'll leave you with a photo from last weekend, not sure what the girls were watching. Amazing how the poop manages to stand out of all the snow we had. Hopefully I'll have a Koda (and Nemo) update next time I post?!

Cierra & Harmony are all ears


Sunday Stills ~ old churches and gravesites

Hydes Chapel, built in 1861(originally known as Mill Creek Church)
There is a graveyard behind it.

Hyde's Chapel

Westport's historic gravesite of the first woman settler, dated 1859

Small Marble Monument marking the historic grave of the first white woman settler.
Inscription on one side: "Electa, wife of Louis Montondon died 1859." Inscription on another side: "Daughter of John Lane, Ulster county, N. Y. First white woman in Westport and Vienna. Resident of Wisconsin 22 years."  The head of the lamb mounted on top is missing, the result of an accident from hired men handling horses and machinery.

The other stone has an untold story.
Simply marked by initials "E. M."

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Sunday Stills ~ spring preview

This weeks challenge finds us digging into archives for color, from previous springs and summers to warm us up a bit.

Red lily from my pond
My rose arbor
 I had chosen one more to share for this challenge, but apparently I am out of photo space...these were both taken with my old camera. Can't wait to get into my gardens and shoot with my new Canon! Warm up with other Sunday Stills.


just in time

Glad we made it through the cold spell, just in time to move hay. As I'm sure you can relate, it's always easier to do without curious horses to work around. We decided to put the girls in the untouched arena. Altho calling Harmony & Cierra to the arena usually works, it wouldn't today. The snow was deep, and there was nothing to eat. What fun would that be?

I'm coming too!
(L-R) Harmony, Cierra and Brad
Interesting choice, I would have led Harmony, however Cierra may have opted not to follow. She is growing up, and developing a mind of her own! Harmony usually comes when you call her, and really doesn't like being alone - as you can see by the look on her face and spring in her step. It was a good choice.

Side by Side
Harmony & Cierra are never far apart.

It was pretty uneventful in the arena. Cierra did one quick roll, after they flattened out a little area. Also, Harmony untied the lead rope Brad left looped around the rail and wasn't too thrilled I didn't take her suggestion. Instead I took the lead rope, and walked away.

Cierra saying "are you SURE we can't get out yet?"

Didn't take long to transfer the hay. Harmony was happy to get out, and took off. Sweet Cierra wouldn't leave my side. She wasn't on a rope. I took off her halter and told her she didn't have to wait for me. She paused, got the message - and took off to eat hay.


Sunday Stills ~ emotions

The Sunday Stills challenge this week was to evoke emotions from the viewer.  It's a tough one, because it's all relative. Curious to hear if these photos evoke any emotions, and if so - which one(s)?

Harmony (Cierra in back)
Blizzard 2.2.11

Water Boy aka Sydney

Nothing like a shower

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wild wednesday morning

Whoa! How are we going to get in there to feed?...

Follow me mom
The drifts were so high, we had to scoot along the fence. It was the only way in, without getting stuck. Snow blew everywhere. Thankfully the horse side of the walk-in was dry, storage side not so much...

Storage side
It looks like Cierra will eventually become the alpha mare in our small herd, it's just a matter of size. After waiting so long for breakfast, she didn't want to share. Cierra kept swinging her butt to block Harmony (but not lift a leg). It didn't faze Harmony and eventually they shared kernels, as usual...

Cierra and Harmony
Someone had a little extra energy this morning...

Cierra jumping for...fun

The hay was hard to get to...

Cierra's running start, before she jumped the drift

Harmony gets into the action...

 Snow can be fun...


Yeay, the bobcat is here...

Wall of snow
What would we do without it...

Taking down the wall, one bucket at a time
 Thanks for diggin us out...

Cierra and Brad