Sunday Stills ~ The Number Seven

For this weeks challenge I chose Old No. 7. I'm not sure why Jack Daniel's is labeled this way, their website describes it as a legend...



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celebrate love

Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. All you neigh-sayers, are missing the point if you think it's a "Hallmark Holiday" it's only that, which you make of it. I chose to make Valentine's Day a holiday full of that which I love! It is not only about significant others, altho I do love mine more then anything! It's about everything, and anything, that you love. Enjoy and recognize the feeling in a meaningful way, even if in remembrance. Do something you love. It doesn't have to be celebrated on "the day".

Did you know love is recognized & celebrated all over the world (if you click, scroll down on the wiki)? I am going to celebrate with the one I love, enjoying things we love, in a place we love. What are you doing to celebrate love this year??

"You Melt my Heart" My handmade Valentines Card for you

  Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day, full of whatever you love!

If you still wish this holiday would just go away, then enjoy this lighthearted horse poem - after all, this is an equine blog. You are gonna love it, or at least it will make you smile :)

The Horse Ride


Taking a romantic ride today,
We sat upon the wagon.
Suddenly the horse lifted his tail
And we heard a roaring dragon!

The deafening sound hurt my ears
And the smell burned the hairs in my nose.
My girlfriend sat and glared at me.
Somehow my fault I suppose.

It was my idea to take the ride,
But how was I to know?
It really wasn’t in my plans;
Didn’t know the horse would blow.

The noise and the smell were bad enough,
As the wind blew quickly by.
But I think the very worst of it,
Was the brown stuff in my eye.

My girlfriend’s face turned angry red.
So I figured I wouldn’t dare,
Advise her of the smelly pieces
Of horse stuff in her hair.

The horse finally stopped; my girl ran away,
Stubbornly lifting her chin.
I think that horse was enjoying himself,
Cause I’m sure I saw him grin.

A lesson learned for me today.
Although I must confess,
I laughed so hard I nearly cried
As I wiped away the mess.

Source: The Horse Ride, Humorous Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-horse-ride#ixzz2KmQMMSdQ www.FamilyFriendPoems.com