floating on sunshine

Our Spring weather has been dreamy lately. All I want to do is be outside. Nothing new. Our trails have dried up and we (dogs & I) are enjoying bug free daily hikes in our woods. I love it! The ground is so much easier to navigate.

On a recent windy day, our horses took to running but alas they were in the dry lot. 
I deleted all the horse photos I took. Fencing intersected the horses in a bad spot in every single shot. Sigh.

Sometimes I get in a photography funk, and can't help but want to photograph something different. Without obstacles in the way. Last year I took on a year long self created project, in an effort to teach myself to look deeper and see the difference in the ordinary. Hopefully I learned something. I love taking photos of our horses and dogs. However, I do think others must get sick of seeing them over and over. 
Especially when not moving, unique or highlighted with special light. Or maybe that is me. I do after all mostly photography for myself. So much for finding differences in the ordinary.

I decided to mix it up and take a country drive. As usual I was not seeing much. I was looking for open water, when I found some I saw American Pelicans! They migrate up from Florida. I love watching pelicans!! I drove through a tiny water front town, where there is no public property. I could see the pelicans, but not within reach of my camera. I found some street parking, texted my hubby and started walking over closer to them. Half way there I turned around, and got back in my truck. Just not comfortable. Too many lone guys in vehicles hanging around. The street parking happens to be near a couple water front bars and a motel. The guys were most likely harmless, but I just can't...so I headed for home. Super bummed. I wish I could find someone just a little bit like me. Someone that wants to explore outdoor things, during the week. Not everyone works 9-5 Monday through Friday. Is that so rare? why is everyone out and about a guy? and where the hell are all the women??!!

My sweet husband offered to go back to the same location with me the very next day, after he got off of work.  Bless his heart.  We did, and he laughed his arse off sitting in his truck when a harmless inebriated guy walked up to me asking about the pelicans. He hung around and proceeded to show me some eagle eating deer video on his phone. I mean, isn't that every girls dream?! Ha ha!! 

The owner of the associated business 
parking lot I was standing on, also came over by me. I thought I was going to get asked to leave, but she was very nice. So maybe I worried about nothing? All I know is I got lost in the sunshine, watching the pelicans. I could have stayed there watching them all day. They are so calming and entertaining. Time flew by, and so did the pelicans and other water loving birds. I ducked more than once when seagulls flew overhead.

I thought I was being selective with my shots, but my camera card had over 100 pelican photos. Oops. I love being near bodies of water. Watching the activity on the bay was super fun!! Next time I see these fine feathers my goal will be to get a clear shot with a fish. I got a couple, but they are grainy. Hopefully the pelicans have some warming feathers, our weather turns colder with snow predicted tomorrow. 

Here are my four favorite shots (click to see detail):


Linda said...

Lovely! I saw them on Facebook first. We’re on vacation in super sunny Florida, but looks like it’s just as sunny up North!

aurora said...

I usually do not cross post, even tho it is recommended. Nothing like seeing the same thing in four or more sites. Enjoy soaking up the sunshine!!! We are back to Winter tomorrow. I heard Denver airport has weather delays, but Wyoming is the State getting hit the worst.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pelican shots! As for not feeling comfortable by yourself, I agree with you, if you don't feel safe then leave. Odds are nothing would happen but why take a chance. I say listen to your gut feelings. Being a photographer I'm sure you think a lot of your pictures are boring which they're probably not! I always try to take different shots of the horses but they are very uncooperative most of the time. Glad you're having nice weather. We had a few good days and then today some small snow flurries and high wind, go figure.

Val Ewing said...

Ahhhh...too bad we are not close. I don't mind going places by myself and love having company that carries a camera! I get not feeling comfortable on your own.
Regarding bodies of water. YES!
I love it when I am in Kenosha visiting. I hang out by the lake front and hike with my son.

Here, I am drawn to the creeks, streams, and rivers. Each of our county parks has a dam and a lake. And of course the Mighty Kickapoo!

Those photos are beautiful!

Shirley said...

I have always loved the sound of water, either lapping on the shore or the rush of a river or creek. I grew up on Kootenay Lake.
I love the photo where the pelican is coming in for a landing! Great series! And I never get bored of people's horse photos :o)

aurora said...

Pelican landings are so fun! They skid before they drop into the water. I find pelicans more comical than most water fowl. I don't mind going places/being alone, it is running into random guys (doing who knows what) that is unsettling. Not worth it, I call it self preservation. Lone guys seem to be everywhere there is water. I know it is not just me, as I have heard many women say they wouldn't go to XYZ alone either. My neighbors/friends still work, and many photographers are weird about locations/subject matter. If I go, I end up going solo and try not to run into people. I do love taking photos of our horses (and dogs) more than anything, but horses filling their face at the feeder or standing around is only interesting for so long. There will be more horsey photo opportunities when our pastures fills in :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

The late day light was fantastic for your photos! I love it when our youngest daughter comes around she and I go off together just looking for things to photograph!