Grazing out the Storm

After the hard wind and rain this morning, our horses decided to head out. It was still raining while they were "Grazing out the Storm" A white deer nibbled on the brush, turkey crossed the field and so did a lone coyote. Nothing seemed to faze them, not even the crack of a lightning bolt...


rain rain go away...

...come again another day....I used to jump rope in grade school regularly to this nursery rhyme. The end of the rhyme was promptly followed up with counting how many times you could jump rope consecutively. Sadly my jump roping days ended a few years back, when foot problems showed up.

Too bad, because it is a fantastic quick low-cost fun aerobic
 workout. If you don't believe me, try it. Your horses won't mind if you borrow their lunge lines ;)

Reminiscing set aside, I would appreciate a break from the rain. Just long enough for some sunshine and seed sprouting to happen. If you need any rain, I am happy to send it your way! 

Our open fields got worked up and planted with Alfalfa last weekend. It's done nothing but rain ever since. Hard at times. 

It is always nice to see your efforts come to fruition, and just look at the delicate flowers below. They would appreciate some sunshine and warmth too!!

L-R Koda, Harmony and Nemo
otice who isn't sharing his side of the shelter)



breaking the silence

Somehow the entire month of April came and went without posting a thing. No words, no photos. I've got plenty of both to share, but my computer time has been limited. Primarily because living with a puppy is a life changer. His naps get used for processing photos and things like paying bills, phone calls and running errands. Things I can't do or do very long, when the busy body is awake. Tank will be 5 1/2 months tomorrow and is a great addition to our family. We love him! He is very sweet, keeps us laughing and on our toes. His favorite things to do is steal socks out of the dirty laundry, play with Jameson and retrieve anything. Thank goodness he has slept through the night since we got him, but when day time rolls around it's game on.

Tank at 5 month vet visit (53 lbs)
Our horses are all doing well. It's been a whole year since I have sat on a horses back. I'll just edit further commentary. You are welcome :)

Cierra & Brad rode in a ranch clinic last week. I took photos. WI weather continues to be wacky, so the clinic had to be held inside. Sigh. I managed to get a few pics, but shooting anything indoor is less then ideal for me.

Brad & Cierra
(extended ranch trot)

Our bobcat went back to the workplace, so I am wheeling it again. Daily. Thankfully it makes appearances for the bigger jobs like filling the feeder, hauling dirt etc. 

Brad recently put in a permanent manure pit, same location. Down the road, around the bend, through the sand pit, up the slope and into the next county...

Midwest Horse Fair came & went mid-April. We were not into it this year, and didn't watch a single clinician. No clue why. We did however enjoy an excellent Friday night PRCA rodeo, and saved a lot of money shopping for our usual horse supplies. Much to our horses dismay, we also bought a large square orange slow feed net for our feeder.

breakfast with the new net

My 10 year blogaversary passed by during my hiatus. I had a reflecting blog post started, but those take time. They are my favorite type of posts to read & write. Hoping to get back to blogging more regularly. It could happen?!! 

I'll close with my favorite photo from the rodeo. Looking forward to catching up on each of your blogs! 

Dan James