horses can't read

As you may know, American Quarter Horse Association is offering reduced rates on registration for horses 3 years old and older. We bought Harmony, an unregistered Quarter Horse mare, a few years back and think she deserves to be registered. We feel it's in her best interest for multiple reasons. We didn't do it right away, once they are over three - it's a chunk of change...the AQHA offer is just the incentive we needed to get our girl registered. AQHA Offer

We are well aware of the fact that Harmony won't know the difference, after all she can't
read her papers! She will be the same horse we love, with or without them. However it does add value to the horse and any potential off-spring, and more importantly preserves their lineage. I like the whole idea of knowing my horses background, and find it interesting. Does registration matter to you?

Along with the money and proper forms, we had to submit 5 photos (left side, right side, butt, head and 3/4 views) for markings. Here is my favorite shot of her, altho she looks a little annoyed with the whole thing and would much rather be eating hay with the boys. 



news story on karas show

The local news did a nice story on Kara's Memorial Show:
news story


a horse without his girl

Sometimes life takes a turn of unexpected events, which found me watching a horse without his girl be bravely shown by her close friend today at a memorial show in her honor. We attended to support those she left behind, including her beloved horse. 
While no doubt it was painful, it also lent itself to healing for those who knew and loved Kara Czerwonka - including her mother who showed in several classes. I didn't know Kara personally, but she stood out at the summer show series we attended from day one.
Apparently she was known for walking her horse and holding her purse while texting on her cell phone (a requirement for this fun class) - Hip Hop knew exactly what to do. They had a great turn-out of supporters, beautiful weather, and the healing touch of horses.


less than a week

I was surprised to see Harmony get all worked up when we took the boys out of the pasture this morning, so Koda could work on - you guessed it trailer loading. We fed her hay first, but she didn't care - she was less than happy the minute they left the pasture to go...10 feet away (I kid you not). She was a whinny machine, and worked herself into a sweat - is it possible to get so attached in less than a week?? Things are going really well with them all together. We are all loving having her home, she has been a very polite mare - but apparently had a few things to say this morning. Ali came down shortly after to work with her, rode her around a bit and then Harmony got to meet the cows! I think she likes it here.

We continue making progress with the trailer, today Koda loaded on his own repeatedly (maybe he's been watching Nemo?) was more relaxed eating and backed out slowly. It was an unseasonably warm sunny day, enjoyed by all! It's not very often you can say your hot outside in WI in November, hope the weather repeats tomorrow!


checkin out a trainer

We visited a recommended trainer's facility today ironhorsetrainingcenter. The thought of entrusting something you love so dearly to someone else, is an odd feeling. No one takes care of your animals like you do, and yet we are thinking of what is best for the future of our horses. We could continue basic training on our own, but with winter upon us - it will be limited at best. We haven't been able to do much of any training this fall, with all the mud etc...winter is getting closer. We think they deserve more training experience than we are able to provide them at our current location, so we are entertaining the idea.

A turn of events found us meeting with two assistants, a new one and a more seasoned one, when the trainer was not able to meet with us due to a death in the family. We still went as the assistants will be handling the horses more often than not, it was a
golden opportunity. There were things I liked about the facility and what I heard, and some I wasn't crazy about. We like that they train the owners, not just the horses, to work together. All of the horses were remarkably quiet and seemed content, as did the resident dog and cats - no one was hyped up (yes, I was busy watching all interactions). First place I've heard of feeding 3X a day, it made sense to me and likely contributed to the calm atmosphere. I asked a few questions (okay, so I asked ALOT of questions) they all got answered unhurried, and they welcomed more. We were at the facility a long time, and ended up watching both assistants begin to work a couple horses.

Interestingly enough it looks like we will get to see them again this Sunday at a horse show that we were already planned on attending, hubby reminded me of my strong belief in destiny...we'll see how that interaction goes. We still plan on meeting with the trainer (Patty Johnson) in the near future at her facility. R
ecommended or not, this is something we will take our time deciding and making sure we are comfortable with, before we entrust our beloved horses to anyone.


all together

Our mare Harmony came home today to live with Koda & Nemo, it's an exciting change for all of us! Harmony met the boys this summer when we had her "sleep-over" on the way back from the State Fair show. We have yet to put them all together, it will be interesting to see how they get acclimated (the humans too). The biggest adjustment for her and Ali will be not having an arena onsite, however we plan to do some trailering to an indoor riding arena over the winter. There is also plenty of land around us for casual riding. I'm guessing both Ali & Harmony will welcome the training break. Brad & I are pretty happy that we'll get to see Harmony on a daily basis, at least for a while.

Harmony just arrived, Koda & Nemo find her very interesting!