thoughts of stillness

I have started several blog posts, yet can't seem to hit publish. No particular reason. They sit, waiting to be revised. Or deleted. Idle words, that just don't seem worthy.

As for my photography, clicks are far and few between. I take photos when moved by what I see and feel. Mostly for me. Sometimes for pay. This girl doesn't need constant travel in search of the coolest thing to photograph on the planet. To share and share (and share) on Facebook. It has become a turn-off, nothing short of a competition. Don't get me wrong. I love seeing others creative work, especially of things I'll never see in person. There is SO much incredible talent in the world!! It's the one-upping, nit-picking and desperation to out do/see/know/duplicate what others are doing. It's a virtual "keeping up with the Joneses".

Not for me. I share where I am in my photography journey, every now & then. On my own photography page. Doesn't matter that my posts do not reach many. I am not in it for the likes. Altho I do appreciate those that do like, read and interact with me. Here or on other Social Media. Nobody likes to talk to themselves. All the time.


The night sky has caught my attention this week. I dusted off my camera, and found beauty in the sights and sounds of darkness. It is very quiet on our land. The most common comment we receive from visitors.

Milky Way over our pastures
July 31, 2019

No fancy blues & pinks. The Milky Way does not look like that where I live. I prefer to keep it real. I tried to capture what I saw and felt, under the endless stars. Listening to the sound of our horses, tucked away in their stalls. It fills my cup & feeds my soul. 

Milky Way over our barn
August 2, 2019


I'll find more words to publish sooner then later, mostly about our summer projects. I've checked your blogs a few times, it's been quieter then usual on Blogger. A sign that everyone is (hopefully) enjoying summer!! It goes by too fast. It will be Fall sooner then we can hit Publish, or at least me lol! Be well my friends!!