Sunday Stills ~ Best Shots of 2012

It was so hard to choose...in 2012 I enjoyed shooting photos for Sunday Stills challenges, on various local camera group outings, on the sidelines of our high school football team, of my gardens & nature, and of course of my beloved family & animals:
high school football

holy water
church reflections, taken at a camera group outing

my seasonal flowers
son & girlfriend, at the lake

koda, my horse


merry christmas from me to you

2012 Handmade Christmas Card
(cover & inside greeting)

Merry Christmas & best wishes for a happy & healthy New Year!!


cierra withdrawl

We miss having Cierra at home, Koda & Nemo included. It's only been one week, but we drove up to see her anyways.  She is starting to learn & adjust to being in school, but I found her quiet and kinda sad. I don't remember this with Koda & Nemo, maybe because we sent them to training together and they lived next to each other? or didn't visit as early? Being in a corner stall, without a next door neighbor doesn't help a sociable girl. She does have neighbors across the aisle. I think they'll eventually move her out of what seems to be the intro-stall, and our next visit will likely find her completely adjusted. Cierra isn't a princess up there, just another horse in for training. Yes, we've spoiled her with attention and growing up is hard...


...Brad brushed & brushed & brushed his girl, even tho she didn't really need it. The bite marks she had from home are already filling in, she looked good...

brush lovin'

...the trainers barn feels different this year. Good ol' Howard (her dalmatian) wasn't there to greet us, he passed on from old age over the summer. There is only one horse left that I know, Rasta. You might remember him from previous posts, we've gone trail riding with him a couple times.  I've got nothing to do but take pictures...

Brad & his girl

...must feel good to get out of the stall and go for a walk...


...and enjoy just being together.



Sunday Stills ~ Luck

I believe in destiny, more then luck. I don't have a lucky thing (that sounds so bad!!) or thing that I do. Instead of opting out, I've incorporated the common lucky penny with some symbolism on how I feel about luck...


..not familiar with the lucky penny? Find a penny heads-up, pick it up, and it will bring you good luck. If you drop one on the ground (my teenager has way too much fun with this!) and it's heads-down, leave it on the ground. It will bring you bad luck. 

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blogger comments not posting

I jynxed myself by saying outloud that Blogger works fine for me, now it doesn't. When I post comments on some blogs they show up, and others do not. I have commented on these blogs in the past, and now my comments disappear into cyberspace. In addition, I can't change my photo header! I've tried re-sizing, and some other things but I can live with the same header for now. Not being able to comment really stinks, the only thing worse is taking time to comment and watching ones thoughts go - poof!

I have not changed my pop-up blocker setting, blogger is cleared. I've checked my own blogger settings, and google settings, and searched for answers through Blogger help and Google search - but I am not finding a solution. I even broke down and downloaded Google Chrome, it made no difference. Really, how many search engines does one need? I now have three Google, Safari, and Chrome to keep updated... The only thing I have not tried is clearing my cache files. I want to dig up my notes on this before I go deleting files, even if they do get rebuilt. I doubt this will help regardless, as I've tried different computers and cache files aren't really related to this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix comments that don't show up?

I think the blogs I can no longer comment on are those that have comment moderation set? Not sure, because I no longer see the notification message telling me to wait for my comment to be cleared before posting! I've posted just fine on those blogs before, and now I can't. Below is a sample of both types, as well as a shortened version of what I wanted you to know:

Examples of blogs where I have commented, and the comments don't show up:


I've been posting (well, trying to) get-well-wishes to Ramsey. I am so glad you're recent visit to Cornell turned out okay.


Amazed you've ridden 55 times in one month, that's more then I ride in one year. Thanks for the blanket recommendation, much appreciated.


I like Sepia, and agree it's best saved for certain soft photo's. You're Black & White animal shots, were great ~ love the pointy ears, better to hear with!

Examples of blogs where I have commented, and they do show up:




Is this happening to anyone else? At this point I wonder if the solution is to wait it out, and hope...