between seasons

It is that time of year when my Winter fun has come to an end, and Spring has yet to fully arrive. Making it harder for me to stay motivated. Between seasons, there is so much to look forward to and yet it is like a carrot on a stick. Dangling out front, beyond reach.

Our property has changed since I wrote about the start of Spring tease. Lately we are enjoying things that look like this: 

a hint of green

all our snow melted, except for deep shade

Leo hunts the woods again, and finds us

Leo comes screaming from behind and won't take short cuts through the woods. Instead he walks entire paths until he catches up. Silly boy. I told him if he wants to keep joining us, he has to keep up with the big dogs.

Leo ends up taking breaks

found another tree with huge woodpecker holes
these are only knee high

A couple days ago, Winter returned to our area:

red in the morning sailors take warning
(I pulled over to take a quick pic)

Sunrise has been spectacular lately. I fully enjoy early morning sky the days I meet my son just outside of town to get Remi, so she can enjoy Aurora's Doggie Daycare

within hours it looked like this at home

Glad we got a short walk in before the snow.

The next day, I thought I saw a bluebird.
I decided to check the bird houses Brad built me last year for Mothers Day. 

one of the bird houses is at the bottom of our property

Incase you are wondering, there are apple trees inside the protective cages

my favorite pine tree got a weird weathered stripe last year

the most personable lovable cat that ever lived
was laid to rest under this massive pines shade last Spring

(my beloved water boy Sydney)

Tank wondering why I was tapping on the side of the nesting box

I do that so if something is living inside, it will let me know before I open the box. I am happy to report both boxes are still empty and ready for residents, hopefully blue birds.

polka dot trees as far as the eye can see

Leo isn't the only one who takes breaks

I was SO glad I took the dogs for a walk yesterday,
when I got to the woods they were decorated all wintery and just beautiful!

polka dotted main trail


Shirley said...

Oh fickle March!
Lovely sunrise!
You are blessed to have such a perfect place to go for walks. What kind of apple trees did you plant?

aurora said...

Yes, March is fickle for sure. Thank you Shirley, wish you could join me. The trees in the pic are McIntosh & Jonathan, we also planted Cortland & Gala to the left of the photo. They are paired together for cross-pollination. It looks like they made it through the second Winter, but like everything else they are growing very very slow. I hope I live long enough to eat apples from at least one of them!!

I still can't believe I planted one apple tree, let alone four. We had a big old apple tree in my childhood backyard and since I was young, it was my chore to pick the apples up that fell. I hated it!! They were bruised and crawling with ants. I got in all kinds of trouble with the yucky apples. I still remember the day my mom made me apologize to the neighbors for cramming them down the shared metal water pipe *_*

Val Ewing said...

Thanks for taking me along for the walk!
That sky was amazing and looked like that here too...then bam, the snow moved in.

That look on Tank's face! How adorable.

We are in that March Mad-ness too. It has been nutsy, but it supposed to be nice by this weekend.

I tried to see the stripe on the tree. It almost looks like a lightening strike split. But I could be wrong.

Should be good muddin' walkin' again this weekend.

Funny story about the apples!

aurora said...

A lightening strike is very possible Val. The pine doesn't seem any worse for the wear. The tree sure doesn't look very big in my distorted phone photos, but it is large. I am drawn to that specific pine because it majestically stands alone, and appears in most of my sunset photos. I walk past it (and Sydney) nearly every day.

Linda said...

Making the most of it, and finding beauty, even when one was getting excited about spring. Love it! That is the nature of early spring in the north country. Beautiful photos! I’m on my way back from Florida right now, where everyday was sunny, hot, and humid. It made me appreciate the changes we have even more.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Remi is a beauty, nice to have doggie visitors! We need to check our Bluebird houses too...mice love them....I might have to clear some brush away from them this year. I am sure your snow has melted by now. BUT it is still March!
Just my 2 cents it looks like your Pine was hit by lightning.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for taking me along on your walk. Your dogs are so cute. That sunrise is amazing, what colors. Love the story of the apples when you were a child. Too funny.