get out of jail card

The first Shockwave Treatment appears to have been effective! It was a unanimous conclusion among the four of us that had gathered for Koda's follow-up appointment. The vet, our trainer, Brad and myself agreed that Koda had improved since he received the treatment. He was sound to the left, and had just a tiny hint of lameness visible when going towards the right. You really had to look hard to see anything off.

Koda got his "get out of jail card" and proceeded to "go". In this case "go" is full pasture turnout. The increased potential for re-injury is scary. You can't wrap them up in bubble wrap, they do what comes natural. We were at a good point to try full pasture turnout, so we did.

A second Shockwave Treatment was given, and the next morning Koda was turned out to pasture. One week later, things are still going good.

Instead of turning Koda out with Nemo in their regular big pasture, he is being turned out with a docile middle age mare in a pasture about a third of the size. It's a good intermediate step. A step that I think us humans needed, more then the horse. 

Nemo is an Alpha, and his favorite horse to put in order is his brother. Altho they are stalled at night next to each other, they haven't been turned out together the entire summer. Keeping them separate during this step was probably a wise choice.  

Our next appointment is scheduled for three weeks. We will reevaluate Koda, possibly do a third Shockwave Treatment and make a longer term care plan. 
I'm curious to see what that will be, and how this evolves...

Photo credit: Brad


the right direction

Koda continues doing well after his first Shockwave Treatment. He has officially progressed from 15 minutes of hand walking 2X a day, to half day turnout in a small paddock. We all agreed the round pen wouldn't be ideal, for many reasons. Since there were no other smaller options, Brad & I hauled in some of our panels. We got permission to set up a portable paddock in the grass, just for KodaLast weekend was the first time since early June that Koda went outside without being attached to a human.  

Between snorting at anything and everything that didn't move, we had a bit of photo fun on the last day (hopefully!?!) of routine hand walking...

Koda moves slowly

My guy has to keep him on the go

Spotting the cranes in the field

Koda tries to act on it, but get's redirected

A little lunging at the walk,
with light rope entertainment

"Do you see what I have to put up with?"

"First the rope tricks, now he is hiding..."

"Peekaboo, seriously..."

"Thank goodness, we are done walking"

"Did I forget to mention, he sings too"

Koda loves every minute of attention, and pokes at the phone for Brad to turn the music on if he forgets. Apparently Koda has a favorite song that sometimes comes on near the end of their walks, the five minute extended version of the Brothers Osborne song "Stay a Little Longer". I love that song too! Koda knows as long as the music is playing, he get's to be outside. I'm very grateful for the extra care not only Brad, but the gals at our barn have given Koda. They both created a music playlist to walk him. I'm sure he loves music now! The effects of his injury are far from over, but I feel like we are heading in the right direction. 

First time in the temporary paddock.
It's next to the outdoor arena,
within view of his regular pasture & mates.