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I took an unintentional break from blogging, and the whole month of November almost slipped by. No particular reason, I just didn't feel inspired to write about horse chores and wishing things were different. It felt mundane. Everything doesn't have to be sunshine and roses, but I try not to say anything when I don't have anything good to say. Key word is try. The moment my hubby reads this he'll wonder why I don't try this more at home!

Doing horse chores is anything but mundane, especially when it's the only time I get to see our horses. I actually love doing chores, and the interactions that go with it. It's a perfect time to bond, and use basic manners. I wish my schedule allowed me to do chores more often.

Onto updates; after a fairly long period of separation, the residents (where our horses live) took the liberty of merging their horses with ours. Nothing was said. I was livid! Thankfully nothing terrible has happened. The resident equine continue to be turned out with ours. If they are still out during feeding time, we separate them so our boys can eat. I truly wish we had our own place. So much, that I hesitantly accepted a job promotion during reorganization. I'm planning on saving some pennies, in hopes of someday fulfilling this wish.

Harmony is still stalled, and recovering. We are in the process of slowly increasing turnout time, and figuring out what is too much before her left rear pastern begins to swell. It's a guessing game. A couple days ago she also started limping on her front leg. Two bad legs? We called the vet out again. She was pleased with the improvement on her rear leg, and found a hidden abscess on her front. Poor baby. I wish Harmony would heal, so she could be back with her herd. 

Earlier this Fall I had a realistic birthday wish, to ride. On a breezy afternoon Brad & Nemo, and Koda & I headed out on the family farm for a second time this year. Koda was pretty up, requiring full attention and little to no photo opportunities. He hadn't seen the south side of the farm in a long time, a frequent hunting area that is no doubt full of smells. We rode past the tree stands, where both boys looked wonky at an unexpected tarp blowing in the wind.

Through the woods we rode, where the old windmill stands, and onto the south fields. Near the end of the ride we hit one sticky backing spot where Koda thought we should follow the tree line, turn right and head home (pictured in the photo). I reminded him he doesn't get to pick, it was short lived. We headed across the field in the opposite direction, taking a longer route home. It's not the prettiest time of year to ride. The trees are bare and we are surrounded by shades of brown. However, it's got it's own appeal and I was thrilled that I got to ride! 

I'll keep wishing for the other long term ones to come true. This girl's got dreams.

wish grantedBirthday Ride


my kinda black friday

Had a great day, we trailered up to Iron Horse (for any new readers, it's our trainers place) and rode for the first time in three weeks. Yes, I am counting. The only thing I spent today was quality time riding my horse, with good company - my kinda Black Friday!

When we arrived Shauna called Koda's name, instantly he perked his ears up ~ awe. He really misses being there, more then likely the routine. Three meals a day in a roomy stall, no one to chase him away from his food, daily exercise...a horsey kinda spa!

Koda did everything I asked today, without hesitation. I was amazed. Not sure why, but I had my doubts. More because of me, and the length of time between rides. It's been even longer since we rode in an arena, and did anything more then a walk. Our trainer, and the assistant (Shauna, who happened to be visiting) both thought Koda & Nemo looked great. I'd have to agree other then being outta shape, they were both rock stars! 

We rode in the outdoor arena with some horse & rider combo's we've never met, that included a Paint stallion. It was all good, no one seemed to mind. It's always fun to watch & learn while our trainer works with others. Great weather for the end of November in Wisconsin, close to 60 F. 

Near the end of our ride my poor guy ran outta gas, on the spot. I didn't ride him hard, but he went from okay to spent in a nano second. Of course we called it a day, and a happy one at that. He'll sleep good tonight, and so will I.