I want to goat

It has a been a couple busy days, and I haven't gotten out to the woods. Brad took the day off work yesterday to help facilitate the arrival of our arena supplies. Perfect timing for me to get our dreaded big grocery shopping done. I dislike any kind of shopping and put it off until our list is loong, and pantry stock is running low. People think I am nuts, but I still make the drive to the stores I shopped at before we moved. I just go a lot less often, about once a month. The selection and prices make it worth the long trip. Just for the record we do support our local grocery store for some things. The big grocery trip takes around four hours, and wipes me out. Mentally. It makes me want to goat.

borrowed from the 'net

It was sunny and gorgeous yesterday. I was happy to hear Brad took the two labs out to walk the woods, at least someone enjoyed time in nature!! Today it is even warmer (mid 60F!) but cloudy and rainy, and I have to drive back into the city again. Sigh. For now I will just have to reminisce about the last few hikes, until I get back out to my happy place...

the entrance to the Y path flooded
(even the water forms a Y)

playing in water is a ton of fun

tank and jameson were soaked and happy

later that night I spent time in awe under endless magnificent stars
hoping to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights

I was so taken by the clear dark sky, sooo many stars
that I forgot to change camera settings for the moon. oops.

The following day, Jameson went to work with his mom. Tank and I went exploring, oh how I love hiking with just him!! He is sooo easy, and stays right by me. 

there are still berries hanging around for the birds

evidence of smaller woodpeckers

tank and I walked the dump prairie loop

I rarely take the dogs on this loop. It is where the wild things are. There are neighboring hounds that go ballistic when they see us (not out this time) and a small portion of the path Brad made goes close to the back road, then connects to our neighbors preexisting loop. We plan on trail riding this area, and I would love to restore a portion of it to prairie. Someday. 

For the most part, it is all unused property. You have to be careful, the neighbor 
has old wire fencing sticking up from the dump that is on his property. It is different terrain and a beautiful area where wildflowers and cactus bloom. I could have used my snow shoes on the way back. The snow was untouched, still so deep and fun to explore.

I was so surprised when we got to the end of the Y path, the big puddle the labs were playing in less than 24 hours was completely gone!

where did the water go?

the following day, Leo joined us for the first time in a long time

it didn't take long for snow to disappear

Nemo thinks the warming sun feels sooo good

Harmony says bye bye Winter

hello Spring


Linda said...

I also hate shopping, and I don't have to drive four hours!! That's crazy talk! LOL. I hope you get your walk in today. It's a lovely area to explore, and all at your fingertips. Spring is in the air. Birds are returning. Horses are shedding! Yay! And you have a new arena that will be finished soon. Perfection!

That's interesting that cactus grow on your neighbor's property! I wouldn't have thought that.

Shirley said...

Love those happy dog photos. I also dislike trips to the city to shop. We did one last week, as I needed to get some muck boots that aren't available locally. We are fortunate to have two big grocery stores in our small town, which makes life so much easier. I find that their prices are very competitive and often better than the city stores.

aurora said...

Linda my whole shopping trip takes about four hours, which feels crazy to me. Actual driving is around 50 min one way. I go to Costco, get gas and another grocery store that is locally & employee owned. Yesterday I added a garden center stop that is near my old house for seeds, before they sell out. Guess I am like you and don't like change.

We have native cactus growing in areas of our property, pretty much wherever it is not worked up or shaded. The cacti are more concentrated in the neighbors dump/our prairie area because that part is very sandy. We even named our homestead Hidden Cactus Ranch. You just never know where you will find a cactus growing! They grow along the road ditches too.

Shirley, you are lucky. Here prices locally are higher, including gas. Many times a difference of .25/gallon. Now I wouldn't drive into the bigger city just for gas or one or two things, but with a big shopping trip it makes a difference.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I hate shopping too and don't think I'd go that far if I didn't have to. The dogs and horses look happy with the warm weather. I didn't think you could grow cacti where you live either. Guess I can learn new stuff everyday!

Val Ewing said...

Yuck. Shopping. 'nuff said on that. Water is soaking in here too, there was some run off today from this morning's downpour, but most of it is soaking in.

Your equine look so happy as do the dogs! Especially while playing keep away with sticks?

Oh that star photo! Wow!

What a lovely stand of pines you have. I miss that. When I lived in Kenosha we had a row of trees to the west and a row to the east which was always stunning for mornings and evenings.

aurora said...

Well, I am clearly not the only one who dislikes grocery shopping! My old neighbor was a Master Gardener (my gardening mentor) and had Prickly Pear that he planted growing for over 30 years. It was a traffic stopper, and right across from our house. So I knew cactus grew in WI before moving here, but I did not know they were native. It catches everyone by surprise, unless you are from this area. I will make sure to include some cactus pics in future posts. They are really fugly right now.

Yes, those are sticks. Tank is completely obsessed with sticks, from large branches to tiny 1/4 inch slivers he finds when we are having a fire. He never swallows them, and if you play catch he finds the tiny pieces of wood every time.

Far Side of Fifty said...

WE let our membership to Costco lapse, we used to go at least twice a year when we went to a Doctors appointment...but with video doctor visits traveling just to Costco doesn't happen. I really like their garbage bags, paper towels and vitamins, cereal, ribs, salmon, cheese, peanut butter and snacks! Plus we always had that hot dog for lunch! Costco is either 1 hour and 45 minutes away or 2 hours away...so that makes a day!
I bet you are glad to have it over with! WE shop once a week, local...it works fine. I am not much of a shopper!
LOve the sunlight on the horses! I am still waiting for my camera to get shipped back :)