new year wishes

As we close out another year, I am reminded of all things held near & dear. Past highs & lows. Our ongoing shift towards spending time doing what we love. Being true to ourselves.

It is not easy, as anything in life worth doing is. 
We are judged for it. Many don't get "it" or better said "us". Hard to deal with, but I am getting better at not letting others negativity consume me. Or at least better at trying. 

2018 was a year full of big change. No need to recap, most are well aware of our move. Our dream, was is our focus. It is a beautiful life. Some days, I feel like I am living in a painting.


I was going to take a photo of Brad & I to mail out for a family Christmas card. Photo cards seem to be the thing to send these days, if one sends anything at all. That photo was never taken. 

I have been hand making holiday cards for over a decade, and this year it almost didn't happen. A handmade Christmas card did eventually come together with existing photos. It reflects where we are at with our lives, as every handmade card has in years past. I am going to enlarge this photo composite, minus the added snowflake graphics. As a reminder, of our first year here. Where we truly feel like we are home.

card cover photo composite
two of my 2018 photos)
inside stamped sentiment


My hope for 2019 is to keep moving forward with our homestead, but make time for other passions. Enjoying our critters, with family and friends, on our land - maybe even riding our horses. Imagine that?!! 

If I was to pick a word for the new year, it would be "passion". I am not one to choose words, or goals for that matter. But I have plenty of dreams, and passionate intentions - which are all one in the same. 

Looking forward to more sharing, of your passions & ours, throughout the upcoming year! Best Wishes for a Happy Healthy New Year, full of that which you hold near and dear!! 


feeder choices

The time has come for us to look closer at feeder options for our pasture, and make a decision. There are SO many choices!!

We used a wooden feeder that Brad built at our last place, and left it there for the resident horses. We would like to get a lower covered metal feeder this time. Possibly one that could be used with an orange slow feed net for large square bales, and possibly round bales. That would be ideal in my opinion.

Because of our sandy loam soil, our vet had us start our horses on Sand Clear and suggests we feed on mats under/around the feeder. 

There are the standard round ground feeders that we've all seen, and work with nets. They also make feeders that seem functional and either come with a cover or you can add a cover. 

Here are a couple square bail feeders we found to consider:

leery of the metal sections that sit on the hay
I can see those causing problems

These do not work with nets, but I like the top one that is lower to the ground. We may just go with a standard round feeder, stuff the squares into a net and build some type of cover. Any thoughts or recommendations on pasture feeders to share?


our he and she shed

It took three looong weeks to get our horse shed finished. The owner of the company we hired decide to build our shed himself, instead of sending a crew. It is nice and sturdy, and it's done. Check!

The making of our he and she shed:

looks so bare with only a few trees remaining
last view like this
leveling is so important

Brad worked hard at framing & compacting

our horses were really upset with all the building action
won't be able to see them waiting by the gate much longer
our son & Brad finishing the concrete pad 
working by the light of the moon
chillaxin by the new pad
a wet & muddy wait
lower part of shed gets treated boards 

roof truss goes up
with um, our equipment...polite people ask first...

Notice the dogs above, lower left.
Jameson (black lab, is our grand dog) had his hands full.
The builders untrained crazed puppy run amuck.
Not the dogs fault, he was actually a big sweet guy,
with a huge extra slobbery smile.

we were hoping the shed would be done on schedule,
before the cold & snow hit

looks like a tall shed & another tree (or two) has to come down
cold morning

slow progress

still waiting

side & roof are up, but supplies ran short,
so another week of waiting

Brad finished the inside off for the horses to use safely

Mats were added (plan to add a few more) & boards, cut bolts & covered
We may eventually do more to the inside?

It's amazing what a difference it makes inside the shed. Most days our horses won't need to take shelter. Either way, it makes me feel better knowing they can get out of the elements.