Remember December ~ part 1 of 2

My camera did not get used a lot this past year. I did intentionally take some photos, most were a result of "snap before it is gone". My favorite kind!

There is something to be said for that which presents itself in it's own unique way. One that is not fabricated.

I usually look at what I captured, but frequently leave photos unprocessed. Sitting in front of a computer is no longer where I choose to spend my time. If you don't understand why, try doing it as an occupation. Let's just say I have a long term love hate relationship with computers.

Yesterday, I went through my December (personal) photo's and found a few to share. I am always surprised to see the dates, or maybe it is the lack of.

The two shots I used to make a composite holiday card photo of Hope:



I love watching Hope grow and learn from the comfort of our home. She tries to get Harmony to interact with her. It is really funny! Harmony puts up with Hope's antics for a while, then kindly reminds her she needs to mind her elders.

Harmony is doing a commendable and patient job guiding Hope as she grows up. Just like she did when Mama Cierra was a baby. 

Cierra & Harmony
(2010 archive photo)

Harmony at 23 years old

Hope at almost 8 months 
(shot from our deck)

If you read my last post, then you know Hope joins up on our walks most days. All by her big girl self. She is always a source of smiles!!

Hope and Cierra at the top of the pasture



Light presents itself so differently in the shade

Hope is quiet, especially for her age. She is frequently deep in thought. Watching and learning about the world that surrounds her. Hope is still a baby and of course does what young horses do. Act silly and test boundaries.

Wait for meeee!

(L-R: Harmony, Cierra, Nemo and Hope)

Haven't seen her catch air for a long time

Running like the wind

Our trainer came to our place in December, to visit and work on the project I am helping with. She got to meet Hope. Her first reaction was "wow, she has a lot of Cierra in her" and we agree.

Hope at 7 months (minus 1 day)

Hope inherited what we lovingly call "the Birdie lip" to a lesser degree. Her Grand Dam has a lower floppy lip (barn name is Birdie). Cierra's mom was the quietest horse I have ever met. We fell in love with her (a Perlino!) but she was not for sale. Birdies value increased (a lot) and Cierra's breeder eventually ended up selling her oversea's, years later. 


Hope's mane hasn't decided which way it wants to go and continues to change colors. I love multi colored manes! Our Nemo also has one.

Hope at 8 months

I am thankful for photos to help remember December!! Yes, I snuck a November photo into this post. Why not, it was already processed. A reminder that I really need to go through ALL the photos on my camera cards! It could happen. Maybe next year.

Remember December ~ part 2 of 2 to come


highs and lows

The highs and lows of 2023 are continuing. Right to the very end of the year. 2023 is part of back-to-back loong years, that for the most part I do not care to repeat. I was am truly looking forward to starting fresh in 2024. There is so much to look forward to, and yet one cannot ignore the reality that will spill over into a new year.


Our vet was out to check Koda's lameness. Again. His uncommon "right front Straight Sesamoidean Ligament" injury improved, but he never became fully sound. Lately, Koda has been very lame on his left front (with lingering soreness on right). Sigh. The left soreness appears to be associated with his Navicular. However, Koda is showing uncommon Navicular related reactions. I am not convinced it is his Navicular. Equine suffering with Navicular typically find relief from soft footing. Koda's lameness gets significantly worse on soft footing. 

Not sure what I was expecting.

Our vet will be consulting with Koda's MRI specialist vet again. I won't know more about their recommendations until 2024.

Reality rearing it's ugly head again.

For now, we are trying to lessen Koda's pain. A short round of Bute will be replaced with Equioxx. A new drug to us. I believe Blogger Linda had her beloved Cowboy on it for a while. 

I learned
Equioxx was originally a canine pain medication. Oddly enough the equine pill dose given to a horse is also for the size of an Dachshund.

Our vet also wants us to continue giving Koda Cosequin, and said it may help him down the road.

I guess I should be happy that there is a road to go down. 

To this I say, how lucky am I to be able to care for a horse like Koda. 

Below is one of the video's I took to show our vet how Koda walks throughout his day. It does not show his worst limp. That happens inside the arena.

Koda comes when called.
Head into the barn for his mid-day switch with Nemo.
12/27/23 (26 secs)


The most exciting thing to look forward to in 2024 is that Brad and I will be starting a new chapter together!! He decided to retire, and sell his half of the concrete company at the beginning of 2023. Yesterday was his last day.

Super happy for Brad! His retirement is so well deserved.

January 2nd he will officially no longer be a co-owner at a company where he worked his ass way up from the bottom to the top. Brad mentored many and set a standard no one has/can duplicate. He was the foundation (no pun intended) of the company for over three decades (37 yrs). It took three guys to "replace" him. Although you cannot really replace experience or his work ethic. However, the 76 year old company (it grew from 40ish when he bought in, to 145-60 full time employees) will adjust and operate differently. 

Brad's goal was to put in 40 years (
longest employee) but changed his mind after - well - if you read this blog then you are aware. He promised me "it" wasn't the reason. Instead he says "it opened his eyes" and that 40 is just a number. Brad wants to be home with me and our animals, working and enjoying our land etc. Living our dream.

I don't know what I did to deserve such a love.

We will have so much more time to share with our horses in 2024!! Like our newest girl, who gave us so much Hope throughout this trying year. 

Hope joins us on our daily walks

12/15/23 (24 secs)

12/23/23 (26 secs)

12/23/23 (10 secs)

12/23/23 (12 secs)


Merry Christmas 2023


Hope at 8 months

inside sentiment

Hope has brought more joy into my world than words can explain.
Hence the sentiment.

Wishing each of you a very joy-filled Merry Christmas
and a New Year filled with health & happiness
 ~ and Hope!!