it wasn't suppose to be like this

I did not (and do not) want any more horses, and certainly not another show horse. For so many reasons, that start with the never ending monthly training that goes on for endless years, to the gobs of time spent away from the homestead and experiencing other things.

My horse cup is full and I love it the way it is.

Healthy relationships support differences and dreams, and we always 
have. One of the reasons Brad & I work together so well. Mushy stuff spared, to say we have many common interests and our core is similar, but we are more different than alike. 

Differences are what makes life so interesting.

So he bought a show horse. T
hat's nice. I am bound and determined to be supportive. However for the most part, I thought I would disengage. Go my merry way doing things I love that he would rather not do, while he is happy doing his show thing.

I want to do more local photography, soak in art and spend more time outdoors (not working) explore new places or chase dark sky phenomenon, connect with friends and even take the occasional photography trip etc

I was not going to get attached to whatever show horse Brad found. I care too much.

Nope. Not me. Sell "it" when you are done. After all, that is what most people do with their poor show horses. Use them up and ship them out, to be replaced by a younger shinier model. What a horrible thought!! I could never do that, even if I didn't like his show horse. 

Then he finds this girl, and gets me involved in the purchasing decision (smart man):

and when we meet her, we both think she is an absolute sweetheart:

We have gotten several reports since she arrived (just a short two weeks ago) that Padame "is full of it" and yet, when we go see her all we experience is a sweet two year old trying to understand what is being asked of her. Not acting up at all, at times responding with the wrong answer but listening in order to get the right one. I don't think this horse has a mean bone in her body.

Timing is everything, but handling is more and she obviously 
needs a job.

Brad put her in ground training the very next day. It can only help Padame. 

such a good girl

All the images & videos on this post are from our third visit. We had the barn to ourselves, yaaay!! I can't wait to go back for Brad to go back.

y iphone works better than my camera in the dark aisles:

those understanding eyes

acting pretty wild

meeting Cierra for the first time

When Brad lunges Padame it is to establish connection, not to work off energy. As you know training barns typically lunge younger horses (especially with no intent of riding) for exercise. They go from one horse, to the next. Walk, trot, lope. Stop. Switch directions and repeat. Done. Next horse. 

These experiences are different, for both horse and handler.

If you watch the video's, you will notice Padame stopping and starting. After only three visits they aren't connected yet, but they are off to a great start! I think she remembers us. Who knows if she has ever twirled on a rope. Brad was missing having his own gear. As soon as his part of building our arena is done, he will have more time to spend with his new girl.

18 seconds going left

26 seconds going right

Since day one, Padame seems to like the sound of my voice when I talk to her. Our trainer was the first to notice. I am just being me, and jabber jawing to those with four legs. Padame listens to me intently. I think she likes me :)) Brad might just have to share...

I don't know who you are lady, but I like it when you talk to me

It wasn't suppose to be like this...I love Brads new show horse and I am SO very thankful she joined our family!!! 

I guess my cup had a little more to fill, but after this - no more horses!! Well, except for Cierra's upcoming baby....


Linda said...

Aw, she’s a beauty. You know, Cowboy was supposed to be my husband’s horse. Just saying. As you know, it didn’t work out that way.

I relate so much to her because Tweed is the same age. They’re just babies. There are days when he’s so mellow, and others where he’s a wild child. I don’t know how he’s handle a change like she has just gone through.

A job is good at their age. Minds like sponges. They want to work and learn. I’m at the same place with Tweed. Gotta keep them busy!

Shirley said...

Haha you are smitten! But- what's not to love- a great personality all wrapped up in a pretty package. I hope you continue to share her journey with us, she is so photogenic and it sure looks like Brad is even more smitten than you are.

Dom said...

She is very cute and sweet. What's not to love?

Val Ewing said...

Several years ago my hubby purchased a young mule and I was NOT going to like her.

His mule became my mule.
This sure made me smile.


Grey Horse Matters said...

She is a sweetheart and doesn't look "full of it" at all. I'm sure she's a little confused and doesn't know just who to trust yet or who her humans are that she can bond with. She's been through a lot in a short time. I don't know if she was turned out at her breeding farm or if she gets turn out where she is. If she only gets lunged for a half hour and put back in her stall until the next day she could possibly want to use that time to stretch it out a little. Also at training barns even though they get good care there isn't time to give attention to each horse. She's a baby yet and could probably use a lot of human interaction and loving her up a bit. It's good that you and Brad can go and be with her and let her know she isn't alone with people and horses she doesn't really know. It has to be hard on her. Horses will adapt but it takes time. She is a beautiful, sweet and willing horse from all the videos and pictures I've seen of her. She also has a very kind eye. It's easy to see why you and Brad are in love with her.

Val Ewing said...

PS~ Excellent points Grey Horse Matters!

aurora said...

Awww, thanks guys! I am sure Brad will share Padame with me down the road, and until then welcome help with grooming. Handling/riding is selective with show horses. Besides, Padame needs a horse whisperer like him to navigate what will be asked of her.

We went to visit yesterday. I left my camera in the truck (no pics) so I could brush her thick goldilocks and watch Brad work with her in real life instead of through a lens. It was the most up (if you want to call it that) and confused I have seen Padame. Makes me kinda sad. No doubt a result of all the change and trying to learn two very different styles of handling etc. She is in good hands and in time, it will all be good.

Far Side of Fifty said...

She must be special!