walls ~ build-an-arena

The second day the concrete crew was working on our arena, I literally only took one photo. It was cold out, so was the general mood. It feels a bit odd pointing a camera at guys lifting & pounding, when they are trying to work. I would be annoyed. Besides, this day was all about the panels and it's just not that exciting (to me).  

They used aluminum panels on our arena footings & walls (vs wood). Much lighter. Some guys love them, some hate them. I always find it interesting how the angle of a photo skews the perspective. That long paneled side sure doesn't look like 144' but it is, and it is much taller than appears. 

The crew came back to pour the arena walls on the third day. It was during a wet heavy snow storm. I was surprised the pour didn't get called off. If the cement trucks are rolling, so are they. Brad mentioned they have poured cement in much worse conditions.

You may
remember from our barn build the walls will end up being buried. Inside and out. They are frost walls, somewhat like house basement walls. The building is secured to them and goes from the walls on up. If you look at the lower corner of the barn in any of the photos taken from either side, you can see the barn floor is close to the top of the panels.

Some people skip the expense of walls. If you live in a cold weather State like WI and don't put in frost walls 
you are asking for trouble.

pouring right from the cement truck

incase you are wondering, that is an empty panel rack in the middle

partially poured East wall

a true winter build

six second video with snowy action

pouring cement and snow


Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like its coming along quickly. What miserable conditions to build in though. We're having a really snowy, cold winter too. Seems like it snows every other day here.

Shirley said...

I didn't know you could do concrete work in that kind of conditions. Doesn't it make it tough for the concrete to set?

aurora said...

Arline, I would rather have snow over the bitter cold. Hope you and the horses are doing okay with conditions. Do they typically go out, or do you opt for turn out in the indoor? I know some around us are doing indoor turnout (and with blankets) with our weather. We don't blanket indoor/out, unless they have a show coat. None of ours do at this point.

Shirley, the snow & cold does not effect how the cement sets up. I don't get it either. I thought the moisture from the heavy wet snow would change the structure of the cement, but apparently it hardens quick enough. Not to the point of holding heavy weight, that takes time. I am pretty sure the cement is mixed with slightly different additives according to conditions. They have it figured out, and have always poured year round.