a cold pause ~ build-an-arena

We have not been able to continue building our arena for over a week, because - you guessed it - the cold. The frost walls were poured and stripped at the start of this current extended arctic blast, and that is as far as we have gotten. This cold pause will eventually be over, and our build can continue. 

Friday, February 5th was the last day my son's crew was here to strip the panels. They are long done, and onto other projects.

the boom truck arrived to pick up the panels
(way in the back)

 see the hole in the concrete, near the bottom?
it is for drainage, there is another one on the opposite side

Brad will run large tubes through the holes,
lay them along the ditch to guide drainage out into a lower field 

view from the back

cut outs are where doors will go, eventually 

Daytime temps are predicted to climb throughout the week
(starting tomorrow) and then arena work can continue!


Shirley said...

Tantalizing view in the last photo!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope the weather warms up soon for you and you can continue with the build. We’re in for a huge ice storm tonight. Can’t wait for that.

Linda said...

Despite the cold slowing you down, it sure seems like the project is moving along fast. That last photo really does help me imagine it already done.

Val Ewing said...

With the concrete work done, I assume the rest of the work can continue right?
This is pretty exciting.

aurora said...

The next step is backfilling/burying the walls with fines & dirt. The cold affects everything making it more difficult and problematic, equipment runs rough etc We are not on a deadline, so the project is on cold hold. Not sure when it will start back up, maybe this weekend?