hanging on by a snowflake

In the midst of our last snow storm I strapped on my snowshoes and took the two labs for a walk to the pines. The same day they poured the arena wallsNotice I said "to the pines". Have you ever had pine trees throwing "snowballs" at you? Well, let me tell you the trees always win!! Not the best time to be walking in woods, just like high winds. 

18 seconds of our main trail entrance

our main trail normally looks like this in Winter

Jameson waiting for me in the distance
February 2, 2021

We hiked one very short loop near the entrance to check for 
tracks near an opening trespassers are/were using. I think our method of discouraging them finally worked?! I did however notice this for the first time on what looks like a healthy pine. Or was a healthy pine.

huge woodpecker holes

Guessing the holes were made by a hungry pileated woodpecker. Haven't seen one in many years. I used to get an occasional pileated at my feeders at our old place. The birds are elusive on this property. No clue why, other than they have a lot of places to hide. 

Sadly that was our last walk before the endless bitter good for nothing cold arrived. And stayed. One whole week later, the cold front is still hanging around. We won't be above freezing, but should be warmer next week. Our dogs back legs freeze up just walking running around on the way to the barn. Mostly because I can't keep them out of the snow. It doesn't normally bother their legs, except for when it is deep and frigid. 

Six seconds of our non-stop jack rabbit

(Tank, January 2021)

Side note: the buildings & equipment in the video are our neighbors. Funny how close they look. We are two fields away.

I can't wait for our arena be done. Next Winter the arena will for sure get put to good use. For more than just riding. I could be using it daily, tossing toys and doing some agility with our dogs. They are as bummed as I am that we can't enjoy being outside. I live for being outside. I have the gear to safely enjoy a frigid hike, but feel bad leaving the dogs behind all cooped up. 

Our horses are still being turned out, for shorter days. However this weekend, I don't think we will even get above 0F. They might only get to stretch their legs outside while we clean stalls. They just aren't conditioned to elements like they were when they lived outside full time. 

I truly love Winter, but this year has been harder to enjoy for many reasons. Let's just say I am hanging on by a snowflake. 


Val Ewing said...

Poor pups. It sounds like the arena will be put to great uses when it is finished!
You'd almost need a snow umbrella to walk near those pines!

Lucky here that I can get down into a valley where there isn't any winds and sit in the sunshine.

Those videos made my day!
Hang on in there. This cold snap will eventually end won't it?

Linda said...

Oh wow! I just wrote a post about surviving this arctic blast!! My eyeballs literally froze walking to the barn. WE are a balmy 10-20 degrees each day--8 degrees tonight--but we had a little wind today that probably knocked us much lower. We are not at the dreaded 0, but since we're so close--does it matter? Winter's last stand, I hope. I, too, love the outside, and there is very little that keeps me away--except frozen eyeballs, I guess. Tomorrow I'll wear ski goggles out there! That is a beautiful path through the woods...next week!

Shirley said...

Snow. what is this snow you speak of? We got the arctic blast but not the snow, I fear for the survival of the fruit trees and perennials in this area. No snow cover to insulate them. I'll be surprised if my magnolia survives, it has had buds on it since November.
The arena will be a great help next winter!

aurora said...

Val, Our main trail is wide with a lot of young pines on the border. It is crazy how the trees get covered with wet snow, droop and enclose the trail. They spring back up like nothing happened when things warm up. Our other pine trails have more mature trees, they sling snow for some time after a snowfall. I've learned to just wait for more favorable conditions to enjoy walking the pines among their glory. We do have one trail at the bottom of our property with mostly Burr Oaks, that is safe to enjoy in any weather. Unless you are a Lab and your hamstrings freeze up :( You are lucky to have a valley tucked away!!

Frozen eyeballs is not a good thing Linda! Glad you have a back-up plan. I think we will all look forward to a warm-up.

Shirley, in the past no snow cover has done my tender perennials in. So sad. I truly hope your magnolia tree pulls though, although you might have to wait for full bloom. I've never had the pleasure of growing magnolia's, they are beautiful!! The arboretum I lived close to as a kid grows them in all colors (white, pink, yellow). I try to go back when they are in peak. I've observed some years are more favorable than others, as with all living things.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The trail is really pretty even with the snow and the pines pelting you with snowballs. Its very cold here too, 6 last night and its up to a balmy 13 right now. So much snow too. Tromping down to the indoor through the snow was miserable. Rosie did fine but the snow was almost over the tops of my boots. But this too shall pass. Hang in there!Love the videos.