one last day for snow play

My favorite kind of snow, is the snow globe kind. It makes me love Winter. It decorates the trees, and sparkles in the sun. I wanted to take advantage of one last day for snow play before a warming trend. Where everything becomes wet, compact, heavy and messy. Including the newly fallen snow.

After fluffy snow fell overnight, our horses ventured out into the lower pasture. A place they haven't been for some time. When it is cold they opt to stay in the not so dry lot, closer to food and shelter. It is no fun taking photos of the horses there, the shed & feeder block my views and it is hard to not get fencing in shots.

Walking past the windows, I noticed something brewing in the lower pasture. Nemo was unsettled and trying to rally his little herd. I usually just watch & enjoy the dynamics. By the time I manage to get my camera, the fun stuff is over.

Judging by Nemo's action, he wanted Koda and Harmony to go back up to the dry lot with him. Whenever that happens, the horses usually all come running up together with little notice. Koda was resisting Nemo, and Harmony 
was off by herself. The rousing was taking longer than usual. I think I might have time!! I managed to grab my camera and rushed outside. Brrrr!! I thought to myself, nothing is going to turn out if I am shaking said the lady wearing sandals. I went back inside to grab at least a coat, hoping I wouldn't miss all the action. No time to switch shoes. 

Just in the nick of time:

Nemo making gestures to Koda

and they are off

heading towards Harmony

my favorite photo of the series
(guess I don't always post them last)

our two appy boys, born one day apart

we promised them, to live and run together

c'mon Harmony

Harmony flew passed Koda shortly after this photo

Nemo doing laps of rousing

whenever our horses run, typically he is last

thanks buddy

I love watching you and your herd!!


Linda said...

I had to laugh about being in sandals trying to get the shots while they’re available. You did it!! I love these photos. Your horses are gorgeous.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos and worth cold feet!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love all the photos! Great shoot! Hope next time you at least have socks on😉

Val Ewing said...

Stunning! I love those shots. My gals usually run like that when they are warming up or watching something in the woods like Tetradactyl Turkeys.
Those photos should be on a wall!

Love it that you ran out in sandals. How fun.
The snow melt will be in full force this weekend. Mud season!

Shirley said...

Great photos! Your favourite is also my favourite.
Nemo has stallion like behaviour, rounding up and taking the rear guard.
I would totally have run out in sandals too!

aurora said...

Thank you for the nice compliments!! Equine action is my favorite thing to shoot, follow closely by dogs in motion. I thought I was going to get another chance yesterday, but it fizzled out. Same scenario (grab camera, no coat...) They stopped shortly after starting and came walking up along the fence in a line. Boring. Hoping our horses don't run anytime soon, the not so dry lot has gotten icy.

As for wearings sandals ha ha, I have a pair I wear like slippers. I can't find any slippers that I can wear for very long, and can only go barefoot for so long before my foot hurts. So, sandals it is for the win!!