a second visit

The day after Padame arrived, we made a second trip to see her. The temp was just above 0F, without the wind chill. The fine snow continued falling making a slickery mess out of the already questionable roads, but it is important for Brad to get to know his new girl. He promised to drive slow(er) and put up with a second brake pedal and passenger seat warnings.

We arrived and were told yesterday's quiet girl has been replaced with funny and not so funny spice. We all expected this to happen, she
 is young. Padame has been flinging and therefore spilling her water bucket into the aisle. It is a problem, and they need to find a solution. She will likely be moved to a different type of stall where buckets can easily be firmly secured. 

Brad has the canny ability to disregard that which doesn't serve him. It is a great trait for working with horses, especially where you have to share time and space. I on the other hand internalize everything and have to work very hard to stay the course.

He took his new girl out first, and gave her a quick brushing. She was antsy, with the unknown noises and bustle of a new place. Good thing it was cold, otherwise Saturday would have been a mad house. Glad Padame has a quieter week to settle in some vs a crash course on her new home. 

I told Brad he will have to get more into grooming you can't buy a barbie-doll horse and not spend time on their flowing locks!! He replied with, he will have to give his groom a raise. Not sure how that is going to work, I am rarely there. He hates braids on horses, but I bet Padame will help him change his mind about grooming and braids.

Padame will first do some training on ground expectations, and needs more work on personal space. In Washington she had 60 days of training, and some ground work at home. Everybody does things differently, with different expectations.

Brad not only wanted to get to know his new horse better, but find out where Padame is at with the basics before she goes into training. 
We all think she will be a quick learner.  

I'll share the rest of our visit in photos. I have shot entire clinics inside this arena, and it is always challenging. It doesn't look that dark because I am shooting near pockets of light at the far end of the arena, and made basic level adjustments. Like most arenas it is dark requiring a flash, especially to freeze movement. I don't use flash, so please excuse grain and softness. As always online photos are best viewed by clicking to enlarge.

 watching us at the entrance
(me, trainer, two dogs, and a few cats coming and going out of the arena)

 curious about Brad

backing nicely

a sweet girl trying to figure out her new life

pretty good trotting in hand and staying with Brad

not fully understanding Brad was asking to stop

she stood still and he unclipped her from the back of the arena

raspberries to all this change

so sweet how she followed

not the best angle of Padame but communication is cute

 off she went to pretty much hang around the entrance

earlier in the day Padame was turned out 
in the indoor
and apparently was putting on a show complete with big sliding stops

sorry I missed it, and will miss sooo much more
I might tag along once in a while on the weekends, just so I can see her

 She let Brad walk right up to her and re-clip the lead before lunging

Padame has her whoa down and turns to stop and listen well

who knows if she has ever been twirled on a rope
(presale video shows free lunging)

a bit fast, as expected needs work

That was a lot for having arrived less than 24 hours ago. Padame never once acted out, even when turned loose. Her energy does not faze Brad even a little. She went back to her stall, annnd started flipping her bucket. We could try a jolly ball, but they work better tied up and last I knew that was not allowed. Padame will have to get used to being stalled, and bored. It is part of growing up and becoming a show horse. 

it was Cierra's turn next
she just stood still when Brad turned her loose

Cierra has adjusted really well, and right back into their routine

smells like a new girl was here

Padame has some big shoes to fill. After learning Ranch Riding and the AQHA show ropes with Cierra, Brad is really excited about working with Padame. He knows sooo much more now.

they are going to make a great team  


Grey Horse Matters said...

She looks sweet and like a quick and eager learner. I think she's doing fine for her first day. She's probably got a lot of pent up energy she doesn't know what to do with from the trip. Once she gets used to the routine I'm sure she'll stop playing with her water bucket.

Val Ewing said...

This will be amazing to follow her progress since I have very little knowledge any more regarding a show horse.
I'm chucking at the bucket flinging. My mules are awesome for that! Bang the buckets for attention!
I went to large soft pans for their water. Which they will pick up and carry around if they are in one of the makeshift paddocks and bored.

She is a Barbie Doll horse! And your photos are amazing inside the arena.

Shirley said...

Your photos are lovely but that last photo- you need to frame that one. It evokes Brad dreaming of future shows and a horse that is looking forward to that future with an eager and willing attitude.

aurora said...

I think it only took two seconds for Padame to figure out swinging a water bucket hanging on the side of a stall gets attention. They won't wait for her to calm down (understandably) and have probably already moved her across the aisle to the wire stalls where Koda & Nemo used to live. Not sure, our trainer really wanted her started out in a safer box stall where the wilder/larger ones get put. Pretty sure they are larger. With horses constantly coming and going, they play musical stalls a lot. She will eventually move into the heated show barn, with auto water. Hopefully she leaves those alone...if she doesn't, she will be right back where she started and Brad may be drilling the hole he suggested to secure the bucket in the stall front.

Arline, even with some spice (starting to dislike that word now that it is being overused...) Padame has remained sweet. She seems interested in people and curious of things around her.

Thank you Val, these pics are the best of the bunch and tell the story. I was happy with them even with remaining noise, and able to stay true to the way I prefer photos. I learned, Palomino's are easier to photograph in that arena than other colors. Not too dark, not too light.

aurora said...

Aww, thanks Shirley! Good idea. I am sure you have figured out, I always post my favorite photo last.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh she is a looker for sure! You got some good photos!