build-a-barn ~ door upgrade

We started building our barn in 2016. We often get asked if we are done with the building.

Is anything ever really done? 

We continue adjusting and adding to our barn, as needs change or become apparent. Lower priority things have yet to be "done". Like the Saloon. Buying a refrigerator is still on the list. As well as wall decor and those darn protective table/counter toppers I simply cannot find. I might have to make my own. Yikes!! 

Brad did not like the big sliding doors on the hay side. We use them every day and they let in a lot of cold. 

On Winter days I would slide open the doors, start the bobcat and back it out putt-putt-puttering. I was always worry about the fumes. Then I climb out of the bobcat to close the doors, get back in and wait for it to warm up. Drive down/back to the manure pit. Climb out of the bobcat, slide open the barn doors, get back in and drive inside. Get out one last time to shut the doors.

In the Winter, I climb in/out of the bobcat 6X a day.

Much easier than the first couple years I pushed a full wheel barrel back in forth in all kinds of weather.

Brad wanted to replace the sliding doors with a garage door. At first I thought it was ridiculous, but I already like the new door better. It isn't even wired, yet. You can see both doors below. 

garage door in progress

Natural light was unexpected bonus. What a difference three windows makes. The browns don't match exactly, but it doesn't bother me. You can't tell at a distance. The biggest difference with a new insulated barn door that seals, will be felt this Winter. I can open/close the door remotely from within the bobcat :)

finished garage door

(old door frame on ground, hoping to repurpose)


Linda said...

Nice improvement. Your barn is dreamy. You definitely did it right.

Grey Horse Matters said...

A great improvement, the remote will be your best friend! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve climbed in and out of the Kubota rtv in a day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Way to go! Sounds like it will work great for you especially in the winter!

Val Ewing said...

That is awesome. I want a remote skid steer, right? LOL.

My hubby backed into our sliding door. Um. Yeah. It's bent and won't shut right now.

Enjoy today, chilly and rainy!

aurora said...

Oh boy, sorry Val. Hopefully the sliding door can be unbent.

Vickie said...

Your barn is BEAUTIFUL! Vickie