some things stay the same

Imagine my surprise, when my oldest daughter handed me one of my childhood paintings.

It was given to her from my mothers belongings, to give to me.

My mom treasured all my art.

Even the not so great stuff. Like this ^ painting. I gifted most of my creations to her 
throughout the years. I love art! It has and continues to be a big part of my life. She always made a big deal about my handmade gifts, and made me feel good about them.

I can't believe my mom saved this old painting, but then again I can.

I think my jaw was hanging open when my daughter handed it to me. I searched for memories of how this painting came to be. I had completely forgotten about it.

How old was I when I painted it?

Not sure. I wish I had dated my art work. Guessing 
late Elementary or possibly early Middle School (around age 10-11ish).

This painting tells me many of the things I treasured as a child, are the same things 
I treasure now.

Horses, water, 
reflections, tree's, mountains ('er hills) along with the moon and sky.

The things I treasure are part of the fabric of who I am. Regardless of age. 

The little grey horse I painted is just 
ridiculous. Makes me laugh. With a jockey type rider? Hmm, interesting choice. However, I do love how I painted the water. Even if the perspective is off. It is Monet-ish.


I gifted t
he above paint by number to my grandmother Aurora (the 1st) when I spent half of my 12 year old Summer living with her in Spain.

My abuelita framed it and hung it in her fancy living room, reserved for guests only. For many many years. The painting made it's way back to me and has traveled internationally twice.


Another art surprise happened, when my younger daughter (Harmony's girl) brought home another one of my childhood paintings. Also given from my mom's belongings, to give to me.

my Dali

You may recall my commenting about this unique project, somewhere in blog land. I think on one of Lindas art posts. Wishing I had not gotten rid of my Dali, and here it is.

I have seen some Dali originals in person. He is most famous for his warped clocks, and yet I chose to paint a horse. I found the related print online. Talk about weird art!! No clue why I chose this piece, other than it has a horse in it.

I distinctly remember this final art project in eighth grade (13yrs old). We were to choose a famous artist to learn about. Our teacher cut a bust of each chosen artist, out of wood for us to paint. We had to study the artist, write a one page summary and 
paint them and their style.

There was an art show held at school, with the many artists displayed all around the room. I remember the excitement, and the many eyes looking at us!

I don't know what I am going to do with my Dali. He is 2.5 ft tall, large & imposing. I screwed his right eye up and it still bothers me to this day lol. I want to fix it, but I won't. I think I will prop him up on top of the storage shelves, where he can keep a watchful eye.

Everything changes, but some things stay the same.



Linda said...

Aurora, those are some special treasures. (And I didn't know you were named after your abuelita in Spain. That's quite a story.) That these treasures have made their way back to you is amazing. You are a gifted painter, and should paint more! I love them all, but the first one is quite magical, and I love those colors. The water in the second one makes sense, especially if her home was near water. The Dali and horse seems a fitting blend of your two passions. Connecting the dots between your art pieces, you can see a clear path to where you are now, your little piece of heaven on earth with your unicorns.

Val Ewing said...

I have to say that the first one is my favorite of all because that reminds me of all my dreams as a little girl and how I was going to be THAT girl riding in green pastures, hills, mountains, with the sky and the moon...and a beautiful stream in it. That was my incredible dream I wished for all of the time as a little girl.

Those are special and wonderful. My father kept many of my drawings too. I never took up painting as mom thought of paints as messy. Dad kept us supplied with paper and pencils from his company's art department so drawing was what we did as play.

I love the Dali painting too. But couldn't have him staring at me! I think it is perfect the way it is.

Wow. I think you should do more art! I've seen some of your drawings in your little book and those are simply amazing!

Horses and painting. What wonderful things you have in your life [and your incredible photography too!]

aurora said...

Oh you guys, thank you for sharing such kind thoughts. Means a lot to me. Especially on such a personal post. I wrote this a few months ago and held it hostage in my drafts and thoughts.

I remember my mom asking me if I didn't want the (first & third) actual paintings when she downsized many moons ago. I said no. Thought she gave/threw them away. NO clue she kept them. Imagine my surprise.

The paint by number came to me many years ago, when my grandmothers apartment in Spain was sold. We have 5 generations of Aurora's in my family line. My granddaughter is the 5th.

I would love to create more art. It's hard to get re-started. My last effort was my phenology journal, the little book Val mentioned. It lost meaning and I stopped drawing in it when my mom was under hospice care. She especially liked the butterflies I drew in it. I am slowly peeling back the layers and will find my way back to meaningful art :)

threecollie said...

You are very talented! I love that first painting in particular and could look at it for a long time.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are very talented! I envy people who can paint and get it to look like something! How wonderful that you have these treasures back again...Full Circle:)