Sunday Sights ~ butterflies

The first butterfly spotted in our new garden was a little orange one dusting itself off:

Northern Crescent

 Well, actually this was the first butterfly:

I was hand watering the struggling plants a few days later, when a yellow swallowtail playfully fluttered past my head.

I think the butterflies are as eager as I am for their garden to grow!!

I also saw my first Monarch in the general area. No photos. I wasn't able to catch up with it, but I was able to capture this beautiful Giant Swallowtail in action across from our house:


Linda said...

The butterflies probably sense the creative energy in that spot. They are going to love their new bit of heaven. There is plenty to keep them busy around your house until the new garden grows. I haven’t seen a butterfly at our house yet, but I probably haven’t been looking. I’ll do better today.

Val Ewing said...

Nice! I did get to see a glimpse of a Monarch too on Sunday. I ran to where I spotted it and didn't have a camera or anything. I felt like a child seeing their first snowfall.
And did a tiny happy dance.

Only my verbena are flowering near the house so I am not seeing much other activity. The swallow tails, if I recall correctly, really love zinnias!