We started building our 60'x80' barn December 2016. Building a barn from scratch is a very long process. I've documented and photographed our barn build step-by-step. For memories that last forever. This page contains all the related build-a-barn posts, and will continue to evolve until our barn is completed.

April 2017

2016 Build-a-barn links: 

let the building begin ~ the barn (excavating, footings, support walls)

2017 Build-a-barn links: 

build-a-barn ~ phase two (poles, stick puzzle, winter building)

build-a-barn ~ raising the roof (setting trusses, crane, sky views)

build-a-barn ~ the fun continues (structure, trusses, dividing wall)

build-a-barn ~ making progress (interior, roof, cupolas)

build-a-barn ~ rapid change (walls, trusses, barn & land video)

build-a-barn ~ taking it all in (stall walls, ice, reflection)

build-a-barn ~ now what (horse side, builders last day, 

build-a-barn ~ dig it (trenches, well, services)

build-a-barn ~ productive weekend (layout, wall support, multi tasking)

build-a-barn ~ months progress (services, storage walls, digging & filling)

build-a-barn ~ one section at a time (room flooring, heat tubes, drains)

build-a-barn ~ summer update (center aisle, saloon floor, interior framing)

build-a-barn ~ getting more done 
(porch ceiling, interior framing, storage entry)

build-a-barn ~ around the corner (porch floor, water lines, shelter placement)

build-a-barn ~ Fall update 
(driveway approach, moving dirt, electrical)

2018 Build-a-barn links:

build-a-barn ~ fresh air (stall bar distances, bathroom)

build-a-barn ~ excitement is growing (stall delivery)

build-a-barn ~ stall parts (stall parts, saloon update)

build-a-barn ~ two months later (stall snaffu & barn to date)

build-a-barn ~ stalls are up (stalls, wooden panels)

build-a-barn ~ a few changes (horseshoes, feeders, barn to date)

build-a-barn ~ doors (tack room door, winterizing doors)

2019 Build-a-barn links:

build-a-barn ~ inside shift (tack room, wash stall, saloon, bathroom)

2022 Build-a-barn links:

build-a-barn ~ door upgrade (garage door)

build-a-barn ~ updates (ventilation system, manure pit pad)

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Mrs Shoes said...

I really do like the look of stamped concrete - your place is going to be like DALLAS (the show, I mean), so opulent. It's quite a wonderful day when you get a flushing toilet! ;-)