shades of brown

Horse people see more than shades of brown. They see shades of Bay, Sorrel/Chestnut and Smokey Black.

I'll just rest while I wait my turn

 and scratch my itchy neck

I see you taking photos of us

team work

It is good to have friends, in any shade.


Linda said...

That's some love right there. What a sweet herd you have, and a beautiful moment between them. What are your temperatures? We're hitting 90's today for the first time.

aurora said...

Glad you are warming up! We are having decent Summer temperature highs. Mid 70-mid 80F. We can finally open up the barn!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

they are all just lovely

Val Ewing said...

I was trying to explain 'colors' to a non horse person they didn't get it. But I pointed to each mule and explained their color when they visited.
Hmmm. I gave up.
Looks like they all are doing group hugs.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Lovely pictures of the herd. They seem to be loving their grooming session. It is hard to explain colors to some. Try explaining a liver chestnut sometime!