one benchmark at a time

Today was another important benchmark with Cierra's pregnancy. She was re-confirmed in foal this morning! If you missed it, here is the first pregnancy confirmation post.

The ultrasound shows the umbilical cord (lower left of dark circle) attached

With this positive benchmark, Brad can take the bubble wrap off his sweet princess and start riding her again. It is best for Cierra to stay in shape. 
Just like humans. There is a reason they call it labor.

We wonder if Cierra knows she is going to be a mama?

She must already feel different to some degree. We have a lot of time to read up, make plans to adjust our homestead and of course dream. In late March, the watch will begin.

Adding to our herd is exciting and scary all at the same time.

The vet just had a maiden mare at the clinic who delivered at 13.5 months. Obviously not the norm, but wow ~ that is a long time to bake.

Our vet shared a story about his Thoroughbred mare who was recently bred back with a foal by it's side. In the racing world, they send mares to a breeding facility. He said the mares are stalled for two weeks after breeding, then turned out in a group of mares. Apparently another Thoroughbred mare switched babies with his, and the mares won't switch back. Because they all look so similar, the foals are chipped right away. It was a confirmed switch. 
Our vet came home with his foal and someone else's mare. The other people have his mare and their foal.

We won't have to worry about a switcheroo, but I am very interested to see how the dynamics in our herd evolve. Especially with Harmony, who has never been bred. She has great bloodlines, but longtime readers may remember we were unable to get her papers and chose not to breed her as originally planned. I hope the girls stay buddies.

Speaking of papers, here is the studs pedigree & Cierra's pedigree. Like all "parents" we don't care what mix is brewing. We just want Cierra to have a healthy foal.

another benchmark


Val Ewing said...

That is so awesome! Foals bring delight to a farm. There is no other way than just to say that. Once the foal is born and up ... smiles are all around!

Linda said...

So exciting!! A baby is on the way. You are going to have so much fun. That is really, really weird about the switcheroo!! Crazy mamas. I know Foxy Mama here would steal every baby if she could. She even developed MILK for Epona.

Cowgirl was injured in a mare fight and couldn't be ridden during her pregnancy. Big bummer. She did seem different when she returned home pregnant, and she was much more mean to the other mares--thus the injury. But that could have just been her, and she has a tendency to be an aggressive, bossy mare. Shirley's pregnant mares always seem to get along great. At any rate, it is going to be an adventure that will fill your hearts to breaking!! Have fun!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

So exciting! can't wait till march to see baby!

Far Side of Fifty said...

So happy for you!! Congratulations!! It will be a much anticipated foal and I hope all goes well!