Sunday Sights

Blooming sights, all transplanted from my previous home:



Several other clematis did not make it at their new sites. I cut way back on garden beds (really, I did!!) and there are not as many good spots. I tried growing a couple clematis to climb up trees. Didn't work for me. It was worth trying, better than leaving them to get plowed under. I moved a tiny struggling one to see if I can get it to grow and vine down the rock retaining wall.

japanese painted fern (naturalized) 

wider view of where I put 5 ferns last year (enchanted forest)

Japanese painted ferns are my fav fern. I transplanted others in my garden beds, as well as a couple natural areas. I am happy to say they have all survived to date!

naturalized white bleeding heart

a hidden garden area with various 
naturalized transplants

silly struggling helleborus, trying to bloom

I am considering moving my two helleborus into the barn garden bed. I thought they would naturalize. At least the smaller "blooming" one needs a new home. 


a healthier helleborus, no blooms again this year

my mom's perennial geranium blooms are beautiful

She originally planted it at our home, when I was a young teenager.


Native sights:

cactus buds are forming

pink honeysuckle are almost done blooming

ditto with the white/yellow honeysuckle

Honeysuckles are considered invasive here. I find them spreading everywhere. I do like the scent and so do winged wonders. Some will stay, others will need to go.

black cherry tree

The above tree sure is annoying. Scrappy tree branches droop down blocking trails. Blossoms are pretty, but very messy. I am sure black cherry trees serve a purpose for wildlife, but the less desirable smaller tilted ones will need to go. Just like the honeysuckle.

sooo many wild strawberries

cute dwarf dandelion (?)

false solomons seal (not a fan of either)

no clue

I find trying to ID wildflowers frustrating. There are SO many ever changing varieties. What I see often doesn't match the ref websites.


Non-plant related ranch sights:

Brad cowboy cooked breakfast

fly mask season

(Cierra, Harmony and Koda) 


Val Ewing said...

So much to take in here! Love the gardens you've done. Very amazing and gorgeous.
For the wildflower plants there is a fairly good site run by WI through the UW. I have a book that is wonderful and well worn.
You find the color and the season and then look at the photos. That might be easier ???

Our critters pull fly masks off each other or catch them on branches in the woods.

I adore those ferns too. My neighbor that I hike with has a lot of them around his place that is wife planted. She has an amazing yard full of glorious flowers.

Maybe one day I can do that too!

aurora said...

Thanks Val. I do/did use that wildflower site. I probably learned of it from you :) It is a good one, but I still find many ID's hard. Even the little yellow dwarf dandelion (?) was my best guess. Ideally a site would give more detail to the leaf shape etc. Better/more visuals would help too. Easy for me to say.

As for fly masks, we don't have trees in our pastures. I wish we did for shade. They don't work well together. I wouldn't put them on in wooded areas either. Once allergies flair, Nemo can't handle being outside without a mask. He used to wear two (doubled up) at our trainers. Harmony pulls her off most days. They got hot and itchy. Without them, our horses come in with goopy eyes & swollen eyelids. I think our horses prefer being masked. I know Nemo does. He comes to the gate and lowers his head on questionable mask days.

Val Ewing said...

Oh I get that! My horse when she lived in Kenosha had a fly mask. Thankfully ... knock on wood, we have only had one animal end up with an eye issue from flies.
Those mules are funny, they will run off to the woods on fly-y days and stick their heads in bushes and up each others butts for fly relief.
Poor Nemo!

I'm not against masks at all. I'd love to see mine wear them. :)

Linda said...

I ran it through Picture This, and it identifies it as hairy puccoon. Never heard of it. I have Picture This on my phone, and it has been awesome. I used to carry a book around everywhere I went. I am so amazed that you have an heirloom flower from your mother. That is so special. My mom has invited me to come get starts off of my dad’s flowers and I will do that soon. If not this year, definitely next. You’ve done very well transplanting your flowers to your new home.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very pretty Clematis! The big fat Bumble Bees are liking my dandys! I like all natural plantings:)

aurora said...

Wow Linda, I do believe you got the correct ID. Thanks! Think I tried your app once upon a time and uninstalled it for some reason. I probably wasn't willing to pay for full features. I should revisit the app, seems useful and accurate.

I looked for "hairy puccoon" on the mentioned website, and it is listed. For me, the feature photo/info didn't connect with what I saw.

Leaving my gardens behind and knowing they would get plowed under, was hard for me when we moved. I brought along the most memorable plants and some of my favs, so they had a chance to live on.

I truly love having a part of my mom's geranium. Brings back memories of when she gave it to me etc. I just gave a cutting of it to my oldest daughter.

Linda said...

It is speedy for the annual subscription, but I have used it so often that the price doesn’t bother me anymore. It is an amazing app for trees, grasses, weeds, flowers, shrubs—everything.

Linda said...

*spendy. Siri doesn’t like that word, she prefers speedy. ­čśé