my unicorn

"What does calling someone a unicorn mean?

Since it first named the one-horned equine of lore around the 1200s, the word unicorn has gone on to name “a person or thing that is rare and highly valued,” whether that's a billion-dollar startup—or that special someone in your life."


We have been enjoying some nice indoor arena rides this month. 4 to be exact. I thought we would be enjoying the great outdoors with our horses by now, or at least the outdoor arena.

However, a controlled environment is best for several reasons. 

Nemo has allergies. Until Cierra has her pregnancy confirmation, Brad has been riding Nemo exclusively. He comes inside and his symptoms instantly go away. I also suffer from allergies. First time, since we moved here. My eyes are absolutely terrible this year. Constantly watery. My homeopathic eye drops and last resort Claritin, are not helping. This too shall pass.

I am also brokey-broke. More than usual.

My 2017 torn rotator cuff injury is back. I can no longer lift my right arm overhead, or at an extended angle. No, I did not fall again. Apparently I overused my arm and it is inflamed. Silly me to think I was good to go forever. I had great use of my arm after rehab for about 5 years. I am back to working on my PT exercises, from the beginning of my binder (15 double sided multi exercise pages). I am happy to report, I am starting to see a little improvement. 

No saddling, cinching or bridling for now.

Koda has been such a good boy through it all. Trying to figure out my differences. We are trying to keep our minds busy walking, turning, side passing and overall listening.

My shoulder can take about a half an hour of riding. 

Brad set up a big pole square and bending poles. They help. What can I say? I like to walk<trot<lope, or do obstacles. Riding trails is my favorite. I think it is also Koda's. We haven't trimmed trees or worked on trails much this year. Yet.

I've also tried a tiny amount of groundwork. Kind of a joke. I've watched many clinicians do groundwork over the years. Without using the info, those "files" get replaced. Helloo, YouTube! I am unsure doing groundwork, but we are figuring it out together. I worry that I am messing Koda up. Brad assures me I am not. I haven't thought "horse" for too long. 

I am very thankful for my hubbies help. He truly is my unicorn.

Brad has been filling in for my right arm. Saddling etc for me. 

my other (silly) unicorn


Val Ewing said...

Love your unicorn!

I hope your shoulder heals rapidly. I know it takes time, but shoulder injuries just plain suck.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I hear you on the shoulder problem. I baby mine all the time, and try to keep all movements in line, I should probably do exercises again too I have the elastic bands and do shoulder rolls on the bed.A cortisone shot one time helped to calm mine down...Good luck with yours. Thank goodness for Brad!!
I need a new script for eye drops...I have itchy gunky eyes too, hope the pollen calms down soon, we are supposed to get rain and that will help!

Linda said...

Oh, the seasons. The actual seasons, where weather makes it difficult, and the seasons of life where our own, or someone else’s, health makes it more challenging. Last year was a wash for me as far as riding trails. But you do have a unicorn in your husband, a big help with the saddling for you and being your extra arm.

YouTube is great for ideas. I get bored in the arena, too. There is a lot to work on in there though: opening and closing gates, sidepassing over poles, dragging a log behind you, slickers (haha, I throw that in because of Tweed), chasing games (like the one I played in the goofy video), bareback riding, bridle-free work where you drop the reins and try to guide him with only your legs and the shift of your weight in the saddle, …hmmmm, I have 2 bridges and a mailbox. I have four tires in a row, but I’ve seen people deepen that obstacle and the horse has to be really careful about where they place their feet. One of my old trainers offered a monthly obstacle course clinic, and she’d come up with all kinds of ideas and make them herself.

At this point, my work with Tweed seems more about me than him. Yesterday he came to a quick stop a few times without me asking, and I quickly realized I had shifted my weight back in the seat, and he is extremely tuned up to it. Aka, sloppy riding. The good thing is, he didn’t seem to care. Koda is the same. We can’t mess them up, we just teach them about ourselves and they teach us about them. I sent Tweed off to training because I didn’t want to teach him bad things. But I’ve found out that it’s not all perfect at training either. There are a lot of things only I can give Tweed, like confidence and trust, the two most important things. That only comes from time, love, and obsession with our unicorns.