productive week ~ build-an-arena

we started a slow warming trend
 on day seven of the build

horses have a closer view of the build
now that they got rotated to the upper pasture

two south facing windows that open
will help with circulation

Brad will be borrowing the builders lift this weekend to add some blocking for the Humongous Big Ass Fans, lights and garage doors. If you thought our barn fans were big, just wait. He wanted to test the equipment out before the guys were done for the week. I got to ride along for some different views, as the sun was starting to set: 

Altho it is fun to ride on equipment, I am always happy to get my feet back on the ground. 

the smaller door closest to us faces the outdoor
there will be a short path through the tree strip between the two arenas

19 trusses ready for a roof

west side view

window reflections

trusses are anchored
not sure what the empty jugs are for, other than awareness

arena sunset dreaming

putting tin up on the west side

at the same time tin was going up on the east side

arena looks taller from the outside
(13 seconds)

end of day seven - inside

end of day seven - outside

Yesterday (Friday) was day eight of the build and wrapped up a productive week. It started with windy short truss filled days and ended with good progress closing up the arena sides. The roof was suppose to go on, but the equipment they need is still on another job site. Guess we will have to share ;) They also had some equipment malfunction yesterday, that ended the work day early. The builders said they *might* be done building by the end of next week. 

tree shadows caught my eye

Tanks waiting at his spot for the horses

Brad walking horses up from the feeder
It was so nice out, none of us really wanted to go inside

the east side looks so long now

unfortunately we couldn't get matching tin colors
(arena vs barn L-R)

The tin would not have matched exactly, even if we went with the barn builder we used. The sun fades tin color. At least that is what I keep telling myself. I don't think the horses will mind.

barn window
I am easily distracted by reflections

arena window
(truss reflections)

end of day eight - view away from barn

end of day eight - view towards barn

Thanks for taking the time to read & response to my many arena posts! We are getting a little closer to the finish line and back to regular programming. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Looking good! Really coming along fast. Bet you can't wait to ride in there.

Linda said...

It’s really amazing, the facility you’re building. There are few horse properties like it. I can feel the sense of awe and wonder in these photos. You and Brad have done something special here, and it will give back for generations.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow it was a productive week in spite of the winds! It is looking really good! :) Happy Easter!

Shirley said...

Looking great! I love the reflections too, and the sunset photo.