counting crows

Not the band, the bird. I couldn't get this 9 sec video to load on my recent walk-a-bout post, but it finally works. Volume up!


I was getting scolded (and worried)

I have been attacked by a bird before. Not my idea of fun. It wasn't a Crow, it was a Red-wing Blackbird. I was biking on a path in the wide open, and it was protecting its nesting area out for blood. I know they signify Spring and people adore them, but I don't. They are mean, and relentless and the reason I no longer bike that path.

Songs have been written/sung about Red-winged Blackbirds, like this sad song by Kathy Mattea and this poem about someone else pedaling fast past them. Without being scarred for life.

Google says this about them:

"In animal symbolism, seeing a red-winged blackbird, a beautifully crafted song bird manifesting strength and agility when flying, means that you need to draw out from inner self that beautiful you. They also protect their mates and other birds by chasing away even larger predators. They do not fear"

I digress. Back to counting crows. Not sure what was going on the day of the video. I thought about bringing a tennis racket, or my handgun along next time I headed into the main trail pines. The crows sounded mad! Like I could actually hit an attacking bird even if I tried, ha!! I would be better off with a tennis racket, but who needs more things to carry. Not me. Any who, the following day I found these along the trail in the exact area of the video:



(not sure if from a crow, but near other feathers)



Technically, I am counting crow feathers. I sure as heck wasn't going to try and count the crows cackling above my head the day of the video. So, maybe there was something else going on - or more likely they were just molting. 

No crows scolding me today, so I went along my happy way. Last year I wedged a small red glass heart on our spooky trees, because I love them! Of course it has since disappeared, and now I feel like a litter bug. Which I am not. In fact, a few weeks back I picked up an entire garbage bag full of others trash (some likely blew off our old fashion garbage trucks) on both sides of our road that border our property. I earned my Girl Scout points that day :)) Somebody has to do it. 

I am going to bring my gardening claw thingee next time and scrounge around to see if I can find my lost heart. Hmm, the claw would be good for protection if needed. I found this growing in it's place:

 my love sprouted

We have a high of 77F predicted today. It was so nice and cool in the pines, but otherwise a hot walk hike. Note to self; get outside earlier!! Hope you are enjoying nice weather!

freshly fallen pine needles



Far Side of Fifty said...

Down at the lake the Red Wings protect my brothers dock and give me the what for! I am not too afraid of them. Crows are so noisy...maybe they had a big meeting! Cooler today and we may get rain for a few days ...we need it!

aurora said...

I don't mind the swoop warnings, but I don't care to repeat when they literally attack repeatedly. Beaks hurt, and when on a moving bicycle it is dangerous. Glad I had a helmet & jacket on. We definitely need rain!

Linda said...

That was very loud! I do admire their intelligence and loyalty. They sometimes gather to mourn their dead using scold calls like that. I've never heard so many in one place, but I always hear them, independently, when I ride. Sometimes, they're probably talking about my presence, but often, they tell me about someone else's presence coming my way. Crows / Ravens, and Canada Geese. My favorites. I have never been attacked by birds, but if I had been, I'd feel more like you do!! What are you going to do with those feathers?!? They need a place in your hat!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I've never been attacked by a bird but if I had I would be wary of them like you are. I like crows and have a few around the backyard that come to get the birdseed I put out everyday. My daughter has them at her place too and they wait in the trees for her to feed them. They're very smart and I don't think they would attack for no reason. The feathers should be good for something. I have a bunch on turkey feathers stuck in a pewter inkwell I bought in Williamsburg village in Virginia.

I was once on a walk and had a flock of turkeys and a flock of crows cawing and gobbling at each other blocking my path. It was like two gangs who wouldn't give way. I stopped and watched because I wasn't getting in the middle of that fight. Luckily, for me a car came down the road and scattered them. And I walked on.

Val Ewing said...

Robins normally swoop on me, the black birds stick up near the fields and aren't in the woods. I've had to stand up and wave my hands and holler loud to scare off attacking geese.
The crows may have been doing a territory thing. They get pretty loud!

Maybe the crows were fighting over mating rites? I saw the tom turkeys really getting after each other last week.

That stump would make a perfect spot to sit and enjoy nature!
You certainly had an adventure on your hike!

Shirley said...

You do know that a group of crows is called a murder of crows?
That many birds together can be intimidating! Mostly around here the biggest groups are cowbirds, which are not intimidating at all and it's fun to see them in flight - so many flying so close to each other without touching always amazes me.

aurora said...

I have heard that Shirley, but had long since forgotten. Thanks for the reminder, I think lol. The video I took was after the even louder crow craziness that startled me, when the thought of videoing the unusual behavior hit my brain. I know crows are meat scavengers. My old neighbors loved crows and fed them leftovers from hunts etc I have never heard a murder of crows before. We usually have one or two announce our presence in the woods.

I have heard Cardinals can also attack humans, and raptors will if they feel threatened. I suppose the potential is there with any living being.