what is in your basket?

We are in a stretch of rainy/cloudy/cooler days. The kind that make me think, waaay too much. In the process of getting things ready for an ongoing project that I've been procrastinating about forever, my mind spiraIed down a rabbit hole. It happens all too often. 

I wanted to find my color pencil list that I created several years ago. I know it is on my computer, but there are no visual colors on that list. The hard copy lives in my pencil container (I've had them since collage) which lives in my basket.

Doesn't everyone have a basket with colored pencils in it?

When I looked, the list wasn't in the container. Hmm...and so begins the rabbit hole. I emptied my basket and found dust bunnies. No clue how they got under all my stuff, but they must have fallen out of the rabbit hole.

Now I have to vacuum.

My basket is special to me. Our friends gave it to us as a house warming gift (filled with helpful things) over 25 years ago. As I emptied it, 
I noticed it held a little bit of everything me. Wow, I couldn't believe how much my basket holds - and how many interests I have. This isn't even close to all of them!! I should have taken a photo before I emptied the basket, but I was too busy looking for my list.

In order to find my list, I have to sort all the things in my basket.

 my physical therapy shoulder & foot binder
at the very bottom was a little pilates book I had completely forgotten about

These were relocated downstairs.

a signed photography book from my night sky mentor
and a photo magazine worth saving

These were relocated downstairs.

I used to subscribe to a lot of magazines.
Real Simple is the only one I continue to subscribe to.
I still can't keep up with it!

Several are unopened, a couple saved, several started.

These went back in the basket. I am hopeless, not likely to change.

Several years ago I was active in a Ladies, Locked and Loaded group
that teaches safety in a supportive un-intimidating environment.
This magazine was a promo.
It collects dust, I've never actually read one.

Brad & I took a Conceal & Carry class in-person (key word) to get our permits.

Definitely not going back in basket. Note to self; cancel this.
Gun safe info was filed downstairs.

Some old horse magazines with key topics I want to re-read

Back in basket, can't deal with these right now.

Dog magazines to recycle
They come automatically with Tanks registration.

Leader of the Pack went back in basket, I want to revisit info

Stamping catalogs

Current one went back in basket
Others are under review. I likely saved them for a featured technique.

Review and recycle

Plant catalogs

Current ones went back in basket.


Catalogs & word search got recycled. Saved recipe went in drawer.
Costco magazine, back in basket to read (they have good recipes).

Book my sister gifted me

Used frequently, back in basket!

My one coloring book

Stays in basket, as well as my beloved ancient pencils

I adore mandalas and used to draw them in my youth

I don't color in the book often, but it is helpful when I can't sleep etc
Look, my list! I was using is as a page marker.

Back in my basket. Well, list went back in the pencil container.

What is in your basket?

Doesn't everyone have a reading basket plus,
everything and anything that has to do with their life?


Far Side of Fifty said...

You have a big basket!! It will hold lots of stuff...yes I have a basket on my desk...full of stuff. A little one also that has scissors measuring tape and misc little stuff I might need someday...and two boxes...gosh I love boxes...they are good because I can put the lid on! You made progress!!

Shirley said...

Wow you had a lot of stuff in that basket!
My colored pencils are sitting on a chair in my office, waiting for me to pick them up and finish a drawing I started. Oops. Guess I should work on it again!

Val Ewing said...

I have a big basket like that and a little one. What fun. You gave me a project to do today.
Photograph what is in my Huge basket and what is in the other basket by the door.

The one by the door holds 'stuff' like Charlie's electric collar and beeper, gloves, and things I just toss in it when I walk inside. Sometimes nails, keys, wallet...sometimes shoelaces or gloves.

aurora said...

That was a crazy amount of reading stuff! Believe it or not, I add and take away from my basket a lot. I (obviously) haven't completely emptied it for a long time. Feels good, and now I can fill it up again :))

Grey Horse Matters said...

I have a basket that's basically filled with Equus magazines and gardening ones. I occasionally go through and throw out the old stuff. I also have baskets with old horse show ribbons that I was thinking of making a small quilt or wall hanging one day (probably never happen) but I do have the instructions...somewhere. And then there's all the left over fabric baskets and also have a bunch of patterns and colored glass (I used to make stained glass picture hangings)and the tools. So, yeah, I'm kind of a hoarder with old stuff.

aurora said...

Everyone has great stuff in their baskets! I think they tell something about each of us.

Arline, I always wanted to learn to do stained glass. I really should now that I have a window that would be perfect for hanging one. Maybe some day? It seems people get into it, and for whatever reason stop. I could see that being me. Show ribbon projects are neat! Mine would be small. I only have one red ribbon from horse camp as a kid.

I have another similar larger sized sentimental basket. Sentimental seems to be a thing with me. My son's hockey team got it as a gift at a tournament filled with goodies. They gave the basket to me, since I was the manager. It holds my favorite plant, a huge Christmas Cactus. I grew the cactus from a cutting when I was 17. It is also sentimental, and has a history. I blogged about my cactus years ago. If interested, type "cactus" in my search field and the post comes up.