build-a-barn ~ a few changes

A few things that changed in our barn, after moving:

• Our barn is looking more lived in by the day.

It smells and looks like horses live in it, except for the back half. 

• Brad installed three permanent feeders to the stalls we are using, a couple days ago.

We were using buckets for grain, removing them overnight for safety, which meant rehanging them daily. When they became noise makers, we decided to purchase feeders. I like that you can take the bowl out & clean them, similar to the waterer's.

feeder (L) auto waterer (R)
• Halter holders were added to the stalls.

Cute story: Brad welded 8 horseshoe hooks that sat in our garage for years, way before we designed the barn. We decided to use them as halter hooks on each stall. I painted them, and they turned out to be a perfect fit! Funny how he made just enough for the number of stalls we have. I love it when things like this happen!

homemade makes everything more special
• I’ve discovered our fans are amazing!

At first I was a little alarmed at how large our fans are. You can see them in the first photo, altho it doesn't show perspective of how big they really are. They span the entire aisle, from the edge of the stalls to the edge of the rooms. It took me some getting used to, horses on the other hand didn't bat an eye. I love these fans, they quietly spin slow and keep the air circulating! I highly recommended Big Ass Fans.

I love sitting underneath these fans!

• We have a functioning toilet :))) 

our out house

• Brad welded more horseshoes, this time for hooks to hang brooms etc

I am painting them today. Next on the never ending list is staining the feed area wall, so these horseshoes can be hung and put to good use! 

• I made two boot planters. One from a pair of Brad's cowboy boots, and the other from mine.

my old boots

What hasn’t changed? The long list of things left to do, and the sheer enjoyment of living the barn life!!


Linda said...

It’s all dreamy! Love the fans and feeders and horseshoe hooks. Oh, and toilet! I wish I had one in my barn. You’re all set up to spend a lot of time out there and have no need of going back and forth to the house.

Mrs Shoes said...

Hey Brad, how about a horseshoe toilet paper dispenser for the outhouse?

Shirley said...

I love those fans! You are really going to appreciate it this summer. Homemade stuff is always great and looks like Brad is pretty handy- and you too with those boot planters! Very cute.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love all the homemade stuff you two made. Very inventive! You’re going to really appreciate that toilet. I hate going back to the house. Really like your fans too. Wish we had some in the aisle. We only have one in each of the stalls and they’re not big bad ass fans just regular ceiling fans. Everything looks great!

aurora said...

I'm a details gal, so the little stuff is what makes me happiest. The fans have been saviors for us & the horses. We've already run into some humid hot weather this summer. I am off to find my folder of horse style toilet paper holders I've been saving over the years. There has to be at least one made out of horseshoes. I know I saved some made out of horse bits. All Brad said to Mrs Shoes comment, is "I need pictures"...one toilet roll holder coming up!