three of these things are not like the others ~ build-an-arena

Another week of our arena build has passed. Some days the builders worked all day, some partial days and one day they didn't work at all. I am sure they have their reasons for when and where they choose to work, while juggling multiple jobs, sharing key equipment and dealing with Mother Nature.

I walked past my window and took a few photos of the outside action from the deck:

colorful shirts working on the roof

two big truck lifts arrived to put on the roof

one truck lift on each side of the arena


three of these things are not like the others

There was some miscommunication about the weather vanes. When the sales guy asked me if I wanted the cupolas to look the same, I said yes. However, on the contract we signed I didn't notice the weather vanes were listed as "M"  (one damn letter!) my bad. So, they put M weather vanes up on the arena with the first letter of their company name. Ugh!! Who the hell wants mismatched weather vanes? Not me. They were nice about the whole thing, and we all agreed if that is the worse thing that goes wrong on this build we are golden. Needless to say, we have horse weather vanes ordered. 

we have a roof 

back of arena 

end of building day nine (16 sec)

Brad working on blocking for the fans

end of building day ten (15 sec)

back of arena 

outside walls are finished 

big ass fan motor
(we will have two arena fans)

fan blades (in the corner) are about 14' long

day 10 was all about insulation

The arena should stay warmer with insulated walls.

We hired a company to blow insulation into the ceiling, once it is up.

Purr loves the arena, and the extra insulation

arena with a roof at a distance

day 11 half the ceiling went up

It was a half day in more than one way.

The builders told Brad the sky track lift is not working
so he used this piece of equipment

See the pallet...I shared some words and left.
Didn't want to watch Brad misstep and land on the ground.

wall insulation is covered with plastic barrier

Thank goodness Brad went to get a man basket from work.
Much safer. Once in a while he listens to me.

The builders plan to finish putting the ceiling up on Monday, and then come back when the door and weather vanes come in to finish up. With walls and a roof, it actually feel like an arena!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Looking great! That seemed to go up really fast. That ladder thing didn’t look very safe, glad he got a basket instead, love it all, you’re almost there.

Val Ewing said...

Holy Guacamole! Look at that!
You can seriously count me as a jealous person right now. Are you going to have those heaters that you can put in the arena too? They look like turbo engines with fans on them. My sis has one in her arena. She and her daughter make great use of their indoor.

That ceiling should keep those pesky birds out and from building nests in the rafters.
I would have been picky about the weather vanes also. Neat that they will all match.

As my kids would have said years ago.
Cool Beans.

Shirley said...

Oh that is so exciting! So close! It looks great. I think the ceiling is a great idea, especially insulated, it will be so much nicer than open rafters that let all the heat out and all the birds in.
Dreams do come true for you guys!

aurora said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Brad was planning on standing that far up in the air on two forks and a wimpy pallet. I know it is done, and probably okay for a quick something but not for extended time when ones mind is on the work being done with reaching etc.

Don't be jealous Val. I know it's hard for you be away for long, but you are welcome to come visit and enjoy it with us! The arena fan motor is heavy and massive. We were stunned when we opened the boxes.

We are not putting heat in our barn or arena, we are however insulating very well. I have never ridden in a heated arena. Even the fanciest place I took lessons at many moons ago (Bristol Equestrian Estate) didn't heat their arena and temps stay pretty decent in Winter. They did however vacuum the barn floors, with a giant barn vacuum machine. We aren't doing that either lol.

aurora said...

Shirley, closing the ceiling was all Brad's idea. I would have left the arena open because I like how that looks and feels, but closing it up (with insulation) will make a huge difference with temp and light. We are fortunate he has over 30 years of construction experience to draw from. He has also been thinking/planning/wishing for an arena forever. I could see his wheels turning with careful consideration every time we were in other peoples arenas/barns.

I truly wish I could have all of you over to enjoy what you have been so supportive and an integral part of, together. Imagine that.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looking great!! I see it is a Morton Building! Good thing to insulate the roof that way you can avoid condensation drips:)