an even dozen ~ build-an-arena

The builders finished their part of our arena build on Monday as planned, bringing Phase 2 to an end. Or close enough. There was a problem with the human arena door, and you already know about the weather vanes. Someone from their company will come back to install those when replacements arrive.

end of day 12  (18 sec)

Next up is Phase 3, the finishing stage. It will be slower as sub contractors schedules vary, and the interior finishing involves a lot of Brad's time. Boo hoo!! It will be worth it in the end. So bring on the late supper times, too much alone time and more waiting on riding.

Brad is bringing home a metal picker upper from work, even though the arena builders left the cleanest job site I've ever seen. He pushed a bunch more dirt around last night, and we discussed gutter and downspout colors. Sigh. There must be a ton of tin manufacturers out there, no one seems to color in the same color box.

His biggest job will be hanging wood paneling, his idea. It will go all the way around the inside riding part of the arena (not the barn wall). Same height as our barn interior. It was a hard decision, but we decided against angled kick walls. 

wood paneling height goes to the top of
the shorter 2" x 4" pieces of wood on wall
(without brown braces on bottom)

The builders offered to add Brad's additional 2 x 4's in between theirs. He wanted to make the building extra sturdy for the paneling. I give Morton Builders 5 stars! Sub contractor jobs to come include gutters, blowing ceiling insulation, electrician, hanging tin above the wood paneling. Oh, and the garage door guys. I am probably forgetting something. 

end of day

So close, and yet so far. Of course towards the finish line, there will be more fill hauled in for our sand box!!


Val Ewing said...

Oh hanging that wood inside was such a pain and I was helping hubby. Though we never ended up using the full shed to ride in. :) It started to get trucks, hay, tractors, and pieces of 'stuff' put in it right away.
I managed to keep a round pen clear but that was it.

It is going to look fantastic when all is done. I imagine there is a lot of finishing work.
It looks beautiful. The project will be well worth it.

aurora said...

Hanging the wood is a pain! I assisted with barn panels, but am pretty worthless with anything higher up because of my injured shoulder. I am sure our son will help out again.

One can never have enough storage!! We have a storage shed left to build in our original homestead plans, but that will not (!!!!) happen until our basement gets finished. Someday. Right now we rent storage for valued pieces of field equipment that don't fit in the hay side of our barn. Hay wagons etc sit outside.

BTW, I removed the duplicate last photo I missed *^*

Shirley said...

So close! They sure did a good job.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looking good! You’re almost there. Building is a pain but it’s worth it in the end. Love the canine building inspectors.

Linda said...

It looks great. I can imagine you riding in it! Soon enough!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looking good and such a huge area!! :)