moving forward with plans

Brad wanted to have Cierra bred in April, so she would have a March baby. He picked a month in between the halter foals born early in the year and foals born late Spring/early Summer. I remember Cierra's first Futurity horse show when she was so much smaller than the halter babies she was competing against. Not that it matters as she is not being bred for halter, but middle of the road suits us well. April is here, and we are moving forward with Brads plans.

Cierra was confirmed in productive heat a couple days ago by our vet. We find comfort in knowing he specializes in Artificial Insemination. Our clinic takes care of everything. They
 ordered the cooled semen, so it would arrive the day after Cierra was given a shot that makes her ovulate. Everything with AI is time sensitive. 

She was bred yesterday (April  8). I was not there, so I lack details to share. Brad was not there either, it is a long drive for a very short procedure. In 15 days our vet will recheck Cierra to confirm she is in foal, and make sure there are not twins. If there are, he pinches one off. If all goes well with her AI, she will come home!!


My last visit to see the girls was well over a week ago. It was obvious that Cierra was really missing Brad, following him wherever he went and asking for more attention. She even wanted (and got) some love from me. 

Brad & Cierra

Padame continues doing well at the trainers. They started turning her out in the round pen last week. On Brad's lesson days, the goal seems to be for them to continue figuring her out together. Recent lessons included giving Padame her first WI bath and working in hand with obstacles in the outdoor arena. Brad said Padame was really good with all of it, and he is too. 

 a brighter place to call home
sorry for the crappy, uneven phone pic)

His girls started being turned out together this week. Brad was updated that they get along perfectly! Yaay, Cierra and Padame for the win!! This makes me so happy to hear for them! It will be short lived, but should help for potential reunions.


Val Ewing said...

This sounds like great news! Of course AI is the thing now and I recall when it was a brand new procedure. We live covered our mares with our Jack and he was always gentle. Lil' Richard was our teaser pony and got them ready for the jack.
So many years ago!

After Ciera is settled she will come home and Padame will stay at the trainers? I bet you will be happy to have Ciera home.

Linda said...

So much news to absorb! A baby in the making!! That’s so exciting!! It sounds like they have it down to a science. Now, we wait for the good news!

Padame sounds like such a fun horse. Obstacles are really good for them. I like a trainer who takes it slow and solid.

Shirley said...

I hope she confirms in foal! So exciting!
That's great that they get along. Padame seems to win everyone's heart!

aurora said...

Yes, Cierra will come home as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. Koda will be so happy to see her! I hope Nemo is a little less opinionated about her coming home this time.

Padame will most likely live at a trainers for as long as she is shown. Typical around here at the AQHA show level. Some horses go home Fall/Winter during off season (if they have their own barn) for a rest and to ease pocketbooks, others take them off training but they board at the facility, and some choose to do like Brad. Train all year round, like a human athlete. We have a couple friends that do the whole show ordeal all on their own. They trailer to occasional lessons/clinics with different trainers. My hope is that Brad will do similar, or at least bring Padame home during off season where it is more about keeping them in shape to avoid injury.

Linda, there is much to absorb with mixed feelings to hash out. Let's just say I hit the delete button, a lot.

The whole baby experience is exciting and interesting to say the least!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Babied are so much fun! She is a beauty so I hope it all works out.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure she'll have a beautiful baby! Good luck with that.

Glad Padame is getting out a bit and not in her stall for most of the day. It's nice she's doing exercises outdoors too. Nice to hear her and Cierra got along well. She's a young horse and probably could use an older gal to show her the ropes and the companionship is good for her too. I know its none of my business and my opinion isn't worth a whole lot, but I actually think she would benefit from being at home with you during the off season. The truth of it is she would learn how to be in a herd and they teach each other how to be a horses. They seem much happier and well adjusted when the go out with friends. Even though she's in training now she could still be in training with Brad now that you have the indoor during the off season and they would bond. Since she only needs ground training for now Brad could definitely do that with her at home. Sorry if I over stepped here but that's the way we've always done things with our horses. That said everyone does what they think is the best program for their horses.

aurora said...

I value your opinion a lot Arline, and completely agree with you!! Brad has heard similar from me, more times than he would like. Now that we (almost) have the indoor arena, I am hoping he brings Padame home off-season and continues to reinforce what she has learned to date himself. He is very capable and can have tune-up lessons here/trailer if needed. It is easy for me to say, there is much for him to consider. The good thing is, his decisions are always made in his horses best interest. I don't always agree with them, but when he explains it makes sense.

I hope you (and others) know, you are always welcome to share opinions and thoughts here. I know they come from the right place.