girls stick together

Padame update: she has gotten used to wearing a bit in her mouth (she was broke in WA with a Hackmore) and they have been saddling her including during ground work lessons. I guess she has really grown, and it sounds like light riding might begin next week.

Brad mentioned Padame is still shedding heavily, and that she was out with Cierra when he arrived. He took photos of his sweet girls out in the pasture:


Padame has big shoes to fill.



Grey Horse Matters said...

I’m so happy for her that she and Cierra have bonded. It’s so nice to see them out together. Some of our horses need to shed a bit more too. Took a shedding blade to Blue last week. He was just so sweaty with all that hair.

aurora said...

Me too! Sure wish I was there to take photos of the introduction, oh well. The important part is they have each others company. No doubt Padame will miss Cierra when she comes home. Our horses are shedding too, but nothing like Padame. She probably won't ever get that hairy again. I think she lived outside full time in WA.

Shirley said...

Tis the hairy season! Hair everywhere! Cats shedding, dog shedding, horses shedding.... Fortunately mine are not really hairy. They tend to have tick short hair and lots of it is gone already.
So nice to see the girls getting along. Nothing worse than mare drama!
Looking forward to that ultrasound photo, by the way.

aurora said...

I think that is the biggest difference with Padame's hair, it is sooo long. Cierra/Koda/Harmony are more like your horses Shirley. Nemo on the other hand has very fine hair. Guessing when he becomes an oldie, he will be one that benefits from a blanket (or stay inside) during bitter cold days. We only blanket under certain circumstance. At this point, our older show girls are the only ones that even have them. We will need to get one for Padame if she is going to live in a heated barn...there is no shelter in the rotating turnouts and a couple other turnout pastures.

We both plan on being at Cierra's ultrasound. I will try to get a photo to share :)