Futurity Show

Wake up! It's 3:15am, or at least try to wake up...we need to leave by 4:00. We have a long drive ahead. First to pick up the filly, and her breeder Ashley, and then to a Futurity Show in Decorah, Iowa.

MJK Dudes Dream Girl loaded up, bundled up, and wondering what the heck she was in for!
Fresh out of the trailer.
Practice run went very well.

Reassurance from Brad.
Entering the arena, first...
Strike a pose.
MJK Dudes Dream Girl's debut, and Ashley.
It was amazing how quiet our filly was. She was the youngest at the show. We think they both did awesome, the judges didn't agree - but that is their problem. We know they are both winners!! and we all had a good experience. The filly is now officially ours, we loaded her up and headed home. It was a long 4 hour ride plus, we got stuck in Ironman traffic. Didn't seem to bother the filly. She still had plenty of energy to get into some mischief once we arrived home, escaping not once but twice into the main pasture. She really wants to be with the herd. Brad fixed the escape route after we got back from trail riding Nemo and Koda, and found little Ms. Mischief the second time.

The wrong side of the fence.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Good experience for her and absolutley she is a winner! What a well behaved little doll!(except for the escapes)

Leah Fry said...

Well, they BOTH look lovely!

Jeni said...

Perfect !!!!

aurora said...

She is such a good girl and continues to impress us with her demeanor, and smarts.

BridgeEtta said...

Boy, is she pretty.

allhorsestuff said...

HAHAH! SHE IS ADORABLE all dolled up like that...looked like a little black fawn deer!
She has such expressive eyes!
Brad truly enjoys her, she looked like she derrived comfort from him, in that really sweet pic!
Well, like you said, she was and is a WINNER!

Thanks for your kind words to me at my place.
Yea..it'll be sad to take the Wa away from pantz...but a relief for the Wa and Ifor sooo many reasons. I have had-not so much -second thoughts...but a loss feeling about it all. I truely can not trust my barn PBO to notice injury or detect stress in my horses!I have to go to somehwere I feel that is safer for us.

Thanks again for your friendship~

Shirley said...

I always figure with the babies it's not about winning, it's about them having a good experience the first time out. She looks lovely, well presented, Ashley too. Well done!